If you want to change the world - Make your bed

2년 전

We're all looking for a change for the better. Part of that is knowing what that change should be lmao.

I've been trying to improve myself in a way that would make a meaningful difference throughout the course of my life - not just short term - and I realized quickly that it would have to be a change in mindset.

I did some digging and stumbled on Jordan B Peterson's work, specifically his interviews, Lion King analysis, and then his Maps of Meaning course. Although all of his works are different, they connected to one common idea. One of those ideas is you could say that nothing matters... but that leads to a completely unfulfilling life. If nothing matters you could never feel good, even though you could still feel pain. So the opposite is -

Take full responsibility for whatever happens to you & whatever you do.

and that's a bitch to do. nobody really wants to do that hahaha. It's tough.

In choosing to take this advice, there's a lot more that goes with it, so for me I had to go back to another thing said, more well known by Admiral William H. McRaven, but also another thing that Jordan Peterson repeats through his lectures...

If You Want to Change the World, Make Your Bed.

For me, making my bed was doing all the trim in my house, removing posters in my bedroom to declutter, cleaning my closet, fixing my AC, and getting back to having a space that I WANT people to see. Something I can brag about, and hope that people stop in because I know my living space looks like MTV Cribs (except it's under 1,000 Sq ft).





This has put an ENORMOUS weight off my chest and made it SO SO SO SO SO much easier to focus on other things going on in my life. I know that I need to be better and I'm glad I can take some small steps closer to getting there!

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