Everything that you need is love and happiness.

3년 전

Everything will be fine. You know, you are the best and most precious that I have. Do not worry. All temporarily. You will endure, you will deal with everything. Just know this and believe it. Most High is always with you. You are always under His protection.

Take care of yourself.

Do not look for problems in yourself, do not load yourself. Just remember what special you are, what a miracle you are.

This is life. Yes, it's complicated. But so much more interesting. She is given to you to reveal all your gifts that you already have.

You will turn the mountains. The whole world is at your feet. And this is not just a flamboyant speech, calling for action, but the most pure truth.

Take care of yourself. Do not judge, do not criticize. At such moments you forget that inside you is light. It does not matter what happens or has already happened. It's important what's going on inside of you.

Friends with you Be aware its value.

Attract all your inner critics, accept all your "flaws", your past, and go forward, accept all the gifts of this life, but already in harmony with yourself.

You are all that you have. You have enough love, light, happiness and all the good. They already have you.

Everything that you need is love and happiness.

But the truth is that you already have everything, you are the source of your love and happiness.

Take care of yourself


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