Lifestyle Jewelry Shoot // Full Collection of Images from My Recent Modeling Shoot

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Hello Steemians!

One area of my life that I havn’t shared much about is that I do some freelance modeling on the side. I recently got a bunch of the photos back from a shoot I did last fall and so I thought I’d share it out with you all!

Seeing a larger collection of photos together helps give more background to the body of work and the feeling we were trying to attain with this shoot.

There are a couple outfit changes, in addition to a few shots of me and my fellow model together. I’ve got a couple “Behind the scenes” shots at the bottom as well!

This was a lifestyle jewelry shoot for Martini Metalcraft. She is a talented metalcrafter and generally bad ass human being. I am in love with her jewelry and so grateful that I’ve been able to work with her creatively to better represent her brand.

The Blue Dress







The Animal Print Dress





The Black Shirt





The Red Shirt







Behind the Scenes








I hope you guys enjoyed getting a glimpse into another layer of my life!

xo, Lea

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These photos came out, great! Thanks for sharing them. How often do you do shoots?


I’m glad you enjoyed seeing photos from the shoot! I don’t do shoots all that often - I just have a couple clients right now. I don’t really want to go the commercial route and start working with an agency. I don’t live in a very big city, and so a lot of the work is pretty cold and business focused (like being in an airline brochure or something). I’d rather pick and choose brands/products I want to work with. I havnt really put much effort into going afyer new clients though. Haha


I totally understand. I hear working with agencies can be hard, especially when you're getting your start.

I kind of like that it could end up anywhere. I used to wonder about the people you see in textbooks, on pamphlets, posters, etc. I hope to see you on a giant billboard in front of newly developed condominiums in some place like Singapore. Then I can be like: "I totally know that girl."


Haha I never thought of it that way! That would actually be pretty awesome!

These pictures are gorgeous & I loved that fire orange makeup on you! 🔥🔥🔥 I can't wait to meet you at the Steem Creators Conference!


Hi Iris!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos! It was a lot of fun to collaborate with some super creative people on this project. I’m really excited to meet you in Vegas too!! There are SO many great people going.

I just read through your latest two posts on influencer marketing/branding and found it super interesting. You have a great writing style and they were both packed with really helpful information. 😊


I agree I'm so excited to see so many dedicated Steemit creators in one place. If we get the chance we gotta hang out for a bit in Vegas! I'd love to hear more about what creative projects you're working on, you are so talented!

Thanks but the latest two posts are written by our team's wonderful creator Ken Medley. He's our gem 😊

  • Iris

Ahh gotcha! I thought I saw a guys picture at the bottom, but didn’t make the connection that you have a team of people on the account.

Oh, and of course we gotta hang out! That room is going to be buzzing with so much great, creative energy- I can hardly wait!


Oh haha yea it can be confusing. You can see who wrote each post from the signature on the bottom.

I agree! See you there!

  • Iris

Just Gorgeous all around! I really love her simple beautiful jewelry. My favorite shots of you are the animal printed dress and the black shirt. I love the makeup, facial expressions you chose and the poses! These are some really beautiful shots of you!! 😊


Aww thanks my friend!! It was fun to work with so many creative people on this shoot. 😊


You’re so welcome! 😘

My favourite shot - the last of the animal print and the second of the black shirt. Not only the clothes but your hair! Paint me envy. :)


Ooh thanks for telling me your favorite! I’m glad you enjoyed the overall look and feel of this shoot.

Great tips, Thank you so much! I looked all around your channel to find the next video for the product photography but i couldn't find it. I am doing exactly what you are in this photo shoot, I'm photographing jewelry on both models and also the products alone.

amazing photos and clothes, are you a model?


Yes, I am the model in most of these photos. I do a little freelance modeling on the side. 😊

Very good photos! And you are very pretty, you look like a Miss

Nice work... Some good postures.... Love it


I’m glad you enjoyed this collection of work!

Very beautiful 💕


Aww thanks. 😘

Great shots! Sorry i missed these before payout!