My dream part 2-steemit

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My dream part 2:

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The goal of a person's life is not only money but also to think of his parents' family. He also thinks that he & his parents will have a big house & car. He has a house, a car that will be his dream.

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I have a dream of my house. I want to make my own money.
There will be a meeting room in my house where I and my parents will sit and talk together.

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There will be a dining room where we will all eat.

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Eventually, I will buy a car that will allow me and my family to tour together.

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I think one day I will fulfill my dream by doing a lot of hard work. This is why I want to work very hard.

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Your dreams are possible...


We are all free to dream.
However, these are not really your dreams - IMHO. They are just your wanted list.
Dreams are dynamic and include you and your interactions with the elements in your dream.
Please see an example of a dream that worked:


yes, this is my wanted want is my dream!!!!!! thanks for give your example i will follow this rules


Until you are in them - in picture and in action - they are not dreams.
When have you dreamed of something that you are not in it?
All the best!

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