Firts Week of College in Venezuela!

2년 전

"The Resigned Life of a Student in Dictatorship" - 1

  Hi guys, I finally started college, I have to admit I was very anxious and a little nervous to see what my life would be during the next 5 years (or so I hope), I must say that I was surprised to see that despite the situation in Venezuela, my university continues doing everything possible, to educate young Venezuelans with the hope of being able to rebuild the Venezuela of the future, and that they do with their facilities, the campus is quite large, and has many help offices for students, and its most recent construction was the remodeling of the library making it more modern, and making it a more comfortable space for students to study, also have many extra activities, and so people do not just come to study but also to have fun and distract from everything that happens in the country, that seemed great

the library looks amazing at night


  However, not everything is perfect, and many in Venezuela, since the first week I noticed the problems facing the university, the first would be transport, now there is a very critical situation with gasoline here, because the government regulates it, so both students and teachers have a hard time getting to class on time and there are always delays of 20 to 40 minutes in each class, and as you can imagine, the subway is not a solution for all because it is very dangerous and people do not want to be in danger, which is completely understandable, clearly there are other circumstances that are affecting the university, but I will tell them in future post

Do I look Smart?



  For now I can not tell you much about the career or its difficulty, since the university decided that the first semester was a kind of "basic cycle" so that students can be leveled to the difficulty of future classes, especially the numerical, This is because the academic level in Venezuela's high schools is very low and that's why most of the students are not prepared for college, I can not say that my education was excellent, but I do not feel it was bad either. I understand that I have flaws in some basic topics, but with practice I have been solving them

  Well guys that's all for now, I hope you like it, see you soon guys, bye!.

Thanks for Reading!

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