Celebrating a Life - Our 1 Month Old Daugther

3년 전

Hello everyone

The new experience of being a parent has been transformative and this month has been such a blessing. We are fortunate to have a healthy and happy baby that manage to sleep a good amount during the night. My wife (@annester) and I want to share with you the photos that my brother in-law @archbitsmith took.


PS: These photos were taken less than a week after her birth! :-)







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Congratulations! It's a very special time. Hope you get some sleep.

Such a precious little baby, God bless her. Congrats again. parenthood really changes you. My son is now 10 months and he has taught me a lot and i love that someone depends on me for everything. i can guide him and help him grow .

Awww beautiful family and precious child, congrats ;) My own little boy will be 1 month old in 3 days! So your baby has been already sleeping nights? Awesome! Mine has merged two night feedings to one so only waking up once during the night, pretty cool considering that many stay up most of the night to feed every 2 hours. I guess we are lucky!


Oh yes. Thats for sure!


Hello my dear @cryptoctopus as i promissed you this is your baby portarit congrats again https://steemit.com/@soufianechakrouf/a-gift-for-cryptoctpus-for-his-new-baby

Sooo cute!!! 😍

Congrats dude! Happy for you. Our baby is gonna pop out here in within the month.


Woah! Congrats!

Congratulations to you and your wife sir.Your daughter is looking pretty cute.Being a father is really one of the happiest moment of life.God bless your daughter a lot.

Congrats man. That's great news for your family and best of luck with the future.

Congrats. Cute daughter 😘😘😘

Hello my dear as i promissed you this is your baby portarit congrats again https://steemit.com/@soufianechakrouf/a-gift-for-cryptoctpus-for-his-new-baby

Congrats my dear and this is a humble gift for you and for your wife hope you accept it and like it.

waooooo..! she is sooooooo cute...look like a baby angel...

Happy 1 Month Birthday!. Congress dear. God bless you and your Little princess . Wish you very happy life. Your princess are s cute.

Thank you. Thank you for being a great dad, for loving your gorgeous daughter. Thank you for seeing the humor in everything she does, even if she's making a mess. Thank you for showing the world how much you love her and how proud you are of her.. My father was a good, strong man who loved his family and his daughters grew up to be strong, independent women. Being a dad is the toughest job in the world and so far looks like you have it nailed. Thank you.

My little girl was born at 25wks 2 days and will be 15 weeks old tomorrow and is getting out of the NICU on Friday. I have enjoyed see your journey that I was experiencing at the same time. My little girl is now healthy and doing well. Watching your pregnancy/mommy blog has been helpful to keep my mind on the fun of being a mom and not the stress of the NICU.

Congratulations my friend..it s so important to celebrate each month..She grows very fast during this initial period..Try to get a collection of photo in same positions each month.

congrats! I just became an uncle 2 days ago :D

oh wow .. congratulations @cryptoctopus ! she's beautiful . Hope you all are well rested as i do understand caring for an infant is really tiresome. Cheers again !

Congratulates you on your success:)))))))

Giving life is the greatest thing that exists, your daughter is so beautiful, this stage brings many learning.

Congratulations dear. I have also a 4year baby named zaid. I had also experienced the moment you are enjoying. I would like to share some valuable experience I got as first time parents and would advise few valuable tips. Please try to breastfeed the little one as much as possible. For extra breast milk the mother can take ayurvedic medicine like lactare. I would also suggest to install parenting apps like baby centre or indiaparenting on your phone to get daily tips for your little one. The new parents don't know the daily changes in little one's life so this app will be very helpful.

She's so cute. Great pictures. How is the duty of being a father. . . . Lol

I will also become a father soon. Congratulations once again


Happy family!

@cryptoctopus wow congrats to you my friend and may god bless her always , she is so cute

sooo cute baby

Beautiful baby

What a beautiful princess, like an angel sent by God, i hope see more news about your beautiful girl. Big hugs from Venezuela!

What a beauty of a child! God bless you, @cryptoctopus. With this birth, God tells him that he trusts you and that from now on it is not just you two, but another being. A bond that will hold them together forever. May happiness be with you and congratulations to you and your wife.

Wow man she's gorgeous.
She's so little and so cute.
Blessing to you and your family.

Wow look how little and adorable, I remember the day you posted about her being born, can't believe it's up to a month now, well it must be really beautiful holding your baby, congratulations on one month so far man, hope she's doing amazing?

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Oh wow. Congrats sir! :)

Congratulations @cryptoctopus... Beautiful baby, see how fast babies grow.

Beautiful!! Congratulations you two! My wife @ascendedmonkey is going to whip up something special for you guys :D

bella princesa de Dios..

Congrats to both of you! There's nothing that can compare to such joy or so I've heard.


When is your baby coming! :)

God bless you and your family.

Congratulations brother. a new journey will start for you, @annester and this cute baby. may God bless her for the future. by the way what is the name of this cute baby?

Congratulations @cryptoctopus and Welcome to the World little one, wish you all the best!


I know that feeling too. I already have 3 kids all boys. Unfortunately, I was not granted with a girl so I get jealous everytime I see someone who happily gave birth of a beautiful girl. You were so blessed with a good family sir.

WOW!! Congratz man! Hopefully she will grow into a good steemian like her dad haha.


She is looking really really cute and look at you man, you are now became a father 😃 a happy family.

Congratulations to you and your wife. She is beautiful! I'm a new father as well to a 5 month old baby girl and it has been an amazing journey thus far.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my first Father's Day if you would like to give it a read. Enjoy every moment because I promise it will go by crazy fast. I'm constantly telling myself to live in the moment as those moments will be memories very soon.

Congratulations you are a lucky guy, may you and the fam be blessed.

That is amazing!!............

Congras. ☺ I also have a baby and I will selebrate soon his 9 months old. ☺ Babies are happiness. I've found your account in steemauto, in the most active curation trail. Tell me please, do you have a discord channel or a post when I can learn more about your curation trail ?

These pics made my day :)