#SomethingToThinkAbout!!!!!!The Lesson Putting Out Garbage Taught Me

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The Lesson Putting Out Garbage Taught Me

I don’t have a great memory but I do pride myself on remembering to put out the garbage on collection day.
In my Estate, garbage collection Day is every Monday and Thursday.
In one and half years we’ve lived in our current home I’ve virtually never missed a day.
Then, some weeks back, for no apparent reason, I forgot. Later that week, I forgot again.
The next week, same thing.
In all I missed four collection days in a row and – to make matters worse – I couldn’t begin to explain why.
Then, as suddenly as this cycle began, it ended and I’ve been perfect again for the last two weeks.
What caused this glitch in my near-perfect garbage-day memory?
Turns out my memory isn’t that good. My neighbors' memory, however, is great.
You see, my glitch started I started parking my SUV right in front of my gate. Normally, I park beside the house and when I come out every morning, I have to walk right round to put my bags in the car and walk back to the driver's side to get in. This enables me see the front gates of the neighbour's houses. When I do, I see their refuse bags in front of their houses and this makes me remember take mine out as well.
Since I started parking it right in from of the gate, I no longer walk round, so I no longer see the front gates of the neighbour's houses, so removing my own trash never even cross my mind.
So much for my pride. Still, it makes me wonder…
In how many other areas of my life am I equally unaware of the cues that are driving my behavior, good and bad?
With all the self-reflection and study I’ve done throughout my life I’m sure there aren’t many.
In fact, I’d list them all here but I'm boiling some water for tea and the electric kettle is beeping. Time to go eat some lol

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Debbie Williams.

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Hi @cryptohunt. I'm exactly the same! I rely on the neighbours to put their bins out to prompt me to do mine. :-) It's quite funny really when, during bank holiday weeks, when the bin collections shift forward a day, it only takes one person to get it wrong and put their bin out and most of the street does the same thing. Talk about being sheep. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Upvoted and followed.


Hi @maninayton thanks for your upvote and follow i'm doing the same right away,glad to know that i'm not alone lol.


You're very welcome.

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