Fukushima Aquamarine Trip Part 2 Final : The Main Building & The Outdoor Areas


On the way to the main building they collecting pebbles and looking for dandelion seedsThey actually wanted to play at the field little bit more

Entrance to the 1st floorNoa asking for a photo

This is part 2 sequel of the previous post on our trip to Fukushima Aquamarine.

After finished the Johmon Village tunnel we headed to the next part of this aquarium, which is the Main Building. This Main building with 4 floors and every floor exhibit various category of marine and freshwater life. On the 1 st floor they exhibit the evolution of life in the sea. They were displaying the living fossils of the smallest to biggest kinds of sea creatures that still inhabit the ocean today.

The entrance to The Main Building
Exhibitions on various sea life fossilsTakuto fascinated at the living fossil of this fish almost the same size as him
Shiome/Upwelling current tankTakuto watching some of the fishes in one of the Tank Waters of Tropical Asia

They installed the humidifier to artificially maintain the humid tropical environment Entering the marine life tank area, Noa and Takuto were wondering what's the divers doing inside the tank and they keep waving at the divers. Noa asked me what's he doing and I explained to her that the diver is doing a cleaning, "the divers clean up the tank" then she nods and say "ok bye bye" and run off to the next tank

Kuroshio tank and Oyashio tank meet here and the triangle walk through tunnel is Shiome tank where these 2 currents meet
We brought with us our baby stroller just in case they get tired and want to hop in their stroller for a nap but they seem excited looking at all these aquatic creatures and never asked to sit on the stroller. They just asked for a drink from the vending machine. We used the elevator to go to 2nd floor and head into the 4th floor and going down to other floors from there. Our next place to tour was the Waters of Tropical Asia, where they mimic the natural environment in that region here. I did feel the area looking like the nature we had at my homecountry Malaysia.
walking through the Shiome tank, at the right side of the tank is Oyashio tank with artificially built-in upwelling water current system in place,looking so bubbly This is kuroshio tank / downwelling current
they said the octopus has many handsthey like this part most, they can get their hands on the sand

I did feel and see the difference in the environment they trying to get us experience. From open-air huge aquarium where enormous sea lion dive and swim and into the tropical environment freshwater ecosystem then back into the indoor marine life aquarium from the shallow to deep-sea creatures. Some of the services like sushi restaurants and fishing/feeding the animals not available on that day as they restricted activities in the aquarium due to the covid19. We managed to have a tour of all the areas in the aquarium with a shortstop. This aquarium facilitates visitors with small kids very well, there are a baby room and a place for kids to play indoor too if it's raining outside. We finished the tour pass afternoon and went to the nearest mall to have our lunch.

floor guide.png
Map from their official website https://www.aquamarine.or.jp/

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