Let's help this little Hero to stand on his feet!

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Good evening people!!

Being healthy is the most important thing in our lives, the greatest good in my humble opinion.
But this good it's not guaranteed, many people born or disease in time and fighting daily for a better life or just a life.


image source: http://chng.it/HMhxvSwnwM

Spinal mascular atrophy (SMA) is a relatively rare neuromuscular disease genetically predetermined. Progressive degeneration of the muscles of the limbs leads to mild or severe motor disability, wheelchair fracture, and eventually death, as post-cystic fibrosis is considered the second deadly disease for the Caucasian racial type.

Young Panagiotis suffering from type 1 of that disease (extremely rare) and fighting daily from the first days of his life, a little hero!!
Fortunately there is a cure, but the amount of the needed money is vast (over 4 million dollars), as it's easy understandable a single family cannot afford this amount, so the only option is the State to take care of the expenses.
It will take you only a few minutes to sign up to the following petition http://chng.it/HMhxvSwnwM but this small price can be wonderus for our little hero!!

I have tried to translate accurately this petition to English language to be easy understandable from everyone (because is in Greek language).
You have only to read, visit the above link and sign up to the petition!!

The young Greek Panagiotis - Rafael Glossiotis, 17 months old, suffers from severe degenerative disease of Type 1 Muscular Atrophy, which is the number one cause of infant mortality.
He was diagnosed with the above disease, 3 months old and has received the only approved treatment in Europe of the drug Spinraza at Children's Hospital. He has made 7 injections and the benefits of treatment are obvious to our little hero!
Gene Therapy Approved in America With Spectacular Disease Results!
How not to get a fist all over Greece to help you get to America to get your first gene therapy to walk in since the cure is ONLY APPROVED THERE???
Our Panagiotis Rafael is 17 months old and has another 3 months left to meet the age requirement to receive this unique treatment.
Please let us do our due diligence to understand the time pressure and the need to send our little Panagiotis-Rafael to receive Zogensma at the expense of the state and of course every infant facing the same problem.
The young Antonis Christos Andreou from Cyprus managed them with a mobilization race and starts healing in America !!!!
So it's our turn as Greeks to help unite.
Sign for the treatment of our little Panagiotis-Raphael

I would like to thank you all in advance for your time and i hope for your participation to it!

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