I Just Eaten A Little This Evening Because Of Appetiteloss



Mother just prepared some fried meat for me to have. It was maybe good but my appetiteloss is really making me eat like a cockroach but I tried to force myself to have an ounce of meat and some rice, I didn't even ate my usual serving of fruit.

They are not cooking vegetable dishes so it really makes me not want to eat if I will just be served with meat and rice. Mother always talks about things being so expensive which is why they seldom cook vegetables and even if they do it almost taste like boiled vegetables.

Now my diet always consists of convenience store food, a pear fruit, rice and fried meat. Without the pear fruit that I am eating I would just suffer from lack of fiber in my diet and cause me some constipation because I am also taking Calcium carbonate.

It is not good if your cook in the house really could not even do a correct cooking like my parents which is why they are an added factor in my difficulty about my eating habits. And so that is my situational report right now, I just hope that I can be able to afford more fruit to eat everyday to supplement my diet.

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