The Way I Attend Church Today

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Before the lockdown had happened here in my place the church worker that is assigned to go in my house regularly told me that I will have to get registered by the central administration so that I can be given a link about our regular church activities namely the prayer meeting service, the worship service, and the Thanksgiving celebration service.

But there seemed to have a misunderstanding in my part because I wasn't getting any link at all. I was always checking my email if I can see any messages there or anything that I can receive from my church but nothing. This afternoon thankfully my church worker told me that I will receive the link which should be on YouTube, a private link setup which only me and my brethren can receive.

Now I will have to go to that link again at a specified time so that I can attend church virtually online. I do not know how that happens because certainly people are discouraged to get close to each other and even hosting a Thanksgiving which actually is a gathering of people is needed while for the Prayer Meeting and Worship service are just a replay of the Thanksgiving chopped in a few segments.


We Needed To Pray And Contemplate And Turn To God

Nonetheless I am happy that I can still attend church online while at the comforts of my own home, here on my bed. I am thankful for this technology of the Internet which is a great tool for Christianity to stay running despite the setbacks by unexpected events like a Pandemic.

I will still have to see how it goes and if they are conducting gatherings or we are all just monitoring to a recorded broadcast or replay especially at Thanksgiving celebration, it is our doctrine to always offer thanks to God.

Now I will have to just go to the link provided at the appointed time that I requested before. My church worker told me that he will check to the administration about my details regarding activating that link for my use.

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That is a great idea, I believe nobody thought that lock down will last so long but thankfully to internet and our modern equipment that lock down is not so back. Otherwise the human being strives for freedom and can become crazy from being lock down without communication with outer world.

I am glad that you have a link set up to the church service :)


Yes I guess it will get so chaotic without the technology of the Internet that we are using now against these crisis.

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