What Is Like To Be So Skinny And Buttless?

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Many years ago I saw this very skinny dialysis patient and he has this with him a small pillow that he uses to make a cushion out of when he sits in the waiting area. At first I do not know what it feels like to sit around with no more fat in your butt area to serve as your cushion when you sit on hard surfaces until my weight declined even more on the course of my being a dialysis patient, I am in chronic dialysis for twenty years this coming December 1st now.

Twenty years ago I am already 40% lower than my ideal weight but even though I am already so skinny at that time I am still comfortable sitting on hard surfaces. But right now it is already excruciating to with your pelvic bone being pressed unto the surface of the seat especially on a wooden or plastic seat.

It is like no other pain or like if you would lean on a surface with your elbows unless you really have a good layer of fat on that pointy part of your elbow. That is why I am not anymore joining my folks outside my room to sit on the wooden sofa made out of Bamboo or on that long plastic chair at the back of the house for me to experience and breathe some fresh air.

An OK Torso according to Ms. Elka


So there is no more comfortable place for me which is my room which is actually also a not comfortable place as it is the hottest part of the house. Sometimes I would just sleep the hot day off so I can "run from it" and let my relatively short and precious time to pass so that I would not feel the discomfort lead by the mostly hot weather.

It is okay to be skinny but I looked emaciated, freaky, and hideous and unfortunately people just grade you by the way you look and how thick your pockets are in these times, maybe it is just the way it is right from the beginning of mankind and I guess that we can never change that fact of life ever unless we finally are living in heaven (if you are spiritual that is) where there are no more evil of some sorts, you will just like a one good individual or a collective entity in the eyes of all and all are already living in true peace and harmony with God.

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