Why I Am Not Considering A More Frequent Dialysis

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Going for dialysis is a sort of whole day affair for me and my parents. My mother has to get up very early at dawn, particularly at around 2:00 AM so she can prepare the food that I will going to eat as well as the food that my father would bring as his breakfast.

We have to arrive there before the scheduled time so that there would be no delay as there will be other patients that will get dialyzed after the first set of eight.

Sometimes there are so much number of patients that they would schedule 4 sets of patients. That is why the dialysis machine would only rest for about 4 hours each day. Those machines would only rest for longer if the number of patients decreased due to complications they succumb from like heart complications and fluid in the lungs are the primary ones.

That is why I am thankful to God that I had lasted this long and on December 1st will be my anniversary for being a dialysis patient for twenty long years. Having to survive that long took a toll on my bones due to inadequate or proper management because due to lack of money basically I only concentrated in getting dialysis and not taking medicines like a phosphate binder while at the same time not being compliant in taking one crucial factor that made my skeletal system like this was Calcium which in fact should be taken with Vitamin D3 and K2.

Anyway I did tried to get the more frequent dialysis of three times per week but my father doesn't seem to understand the need for it and in fact he went to my room asking me if I did requested a thrice weekly session and telling me that I don't need it because I can tolerate it.

It made me feel sad and frustrated because normally a parent would or someone that truly cares for you will be glad that you made that decision because it will be good for your well-being, but my father disagreed and I cannot do anything about it because my father was the one driving me and waiting for me to finish my session and then driving me back.

In comparison that decision of mine is still okay with my mother, she was just worried only about the extra bills that we need to cough out for each every visit. I am just thankful as well that we do not have to worry about this month's out of pocket bills because it has been covered by my government health insurance.

Right now it will be more than a day of wait for my next dialysis session God-willing and I am already feeling unwell because of electrolyte imbalance as well as the accumulated toxins that affects my well-being. If only I can go for dialysis at least every other day then it would be much better of course.

It is because even a normal person's Kidneys work 24/7 and not taking a break while Hemodialysis patients gets a regular break, gets loaded with fluids and toxins and then get cleaned with their blood that often as always, not really enough to make them feel truly okay again like normal because there is no such thing as normally okay for a dialysis patient.

A more frequent dialysis is ideal but it is just so time consuming if not a burden to your pockets. In my case I just have to consider other people that gets affected about my situation so in turn I needed to sacrifice as well because for one thing my parents are not responsible anymore for me, they are just so selfless enough to support me in anyway they can.



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