Don't Look Back, The Future You Desire Is Not In The Past

2년 전

Don't look back, the future you desire is not in the past. - S.U.J

I know how powerful memories could be, I know the past has a way of calling back our attention...but we have to consciously ignore that call.

The only thing you are permitted to pick from your past is the lessons after which you are expected to let go all about it.

The past can't be equated to the future; you have no control over the past but you can partly create the future. Past glory is nowhere close to the glory of the future.

I encourage you this day to let go the past be it a good past or funny past because the future holds better memories.

You can't update your past; let go your past. - Samson U. Joseph

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I saw you mentioned something about military lineage in a comment. Did you mean that you served in the military in Nigeria?


No, I referred to my relatives in the military... Good to meet you here👏👏