Faithfulness Builds Trust

2년 전

Faithfulness builds trust. - S.U.J

In any system people are quick to point accusing finger at the leaders... You often hear "our leaders are corrupt" but the truth is that the corruption all started from the base/lower cadre.

A post or position can't really change your person...if you weren't faithful when you were head of class (HOC) you can't be faithful when you become head of department (HOD). All these our leaders that are found dubious and fraudulent were unfaithful when they were class captain in secondary school, when they were SUG president, LGA chairmen...etc.
It's corrupt individuals that makes up a system corrupt.

My dear, if you are not faithful in that small engagement; you can't be faithful in the bigger one. I encourage you today to prayerfully turn a new leave.

It's our faithfulness in little things that matters. -S.U.J

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