Love Doesn't Devalue, Love Adds To Your Value

2년 전

When love is found better life begins - Samson U. Joseph

Mankind lost everything and was reduced to nothing because we messed up. We weren't attractive and of no use whatever but when love (God) found us, we became a golden vessel. When love came, we moved from nothing to something great.

Before the guy came into your life you were fervent for the Lord, your morals and values were intact. Your decency was enviable and it was no sex before marriage...but currently you have lost your values! (I know you are saying to yourself "Love require me to adjust...for love is sacrificial") Love don't turn positive to negative, rather it turns negative to positive.

You call it love but all you stood for are no longer important to you. Love never and will never devalue you, instead love adds to your value.

My dear, think about it Love or lust???

Love makes you better and not worse. - SUJ

#Beautiful Morning

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