Share your touhgts! Steemit life changing story

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Hello steemians,

Thank you for all your amazing and kind comments for my 3000 followers party, i choose today this comment, please @outhori5ed post a fresh comment here to let me reward you:


Thank you outhori5ed for your comments, i have been very inspired by your story and how steemit rapidly became a life changing platform giving you the opportunity to SteemiIT for a living.

This social medial platform is still very young and we are all early adopters, everyday i follow adoption satatistics and read introduction post from new users, i also witness the flippening happening between youtube/ twitch and Dtube.

I am convinced 2018 will be a booming year for steemit blockchain, more and more people will Steemit for a living as outhori5ed do and I wonder how many steemians already do it?

As a pionner, outhori5ed open our mind and show us what is already possible.
His story might inspire us to follow his exemple and provide new opportunities for many people.

This post will be here forever and i hope steemians will post to share their testimony and inspire us to pursue our dreams using this new technology for a living.

Share your steemit life changing story here!

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I discovered steemit last October approved last November and made a decent post this month. My friend told me @jacinta.sevilla that it can be possible to achieve happiness, fullfillment and financial freedom in this community. She mostly make some artworks, deep and detailed ones. As a teacher, being paid like thrice than the minimum wage but I cant even save a penny nor spoil myself a decent double shot espresso at a local coffee shop. All of my salary goes to my debts. I got a car accident last 2016 and a major cyst operation. I spent 2017 paying my debts. I startting to ask myself if am I unlucky or just ungrateful. Everything is routinary. Safe yet boring. Nothing motivates me waking up from my bed. I wear a decent uniform but I walk without dignity. I love teaching but I fell harder on arts. Since during in childhood it was my firstlove. Parents told me to secure something on your plate rather than your emotions. People see art just a way to express. But for me art is everything and art is everywhere. One of my post earned around 70 sbd . In the place where I leave it cant even earn a dollar. Steemit made me HUMAN again. Now I am decided to persue my passion into action. I am forever grateful to steemit and its supportive community. Might quit my job and try to live more.



Thank you so much I cant express in words how greatful I am. This can really help me alot in many ways.

@damarth, I am very grateful for ALL you are doing and for also sharing my comment as a means to motivate and encourage others. I am very positive that there are millions of people who are doing more in their capacity through steemit and I am encouraged daily to steem and to spend my time on this platform.
Everyone has a mind capable of producing the unthinkable and doing the impossible. Steemit mines the mind of a man to make him productive beyond his wildest dreams and he begins to function beyond his wildest reach.

Yes, I SteemIT for a living and my life is receiving a growing and glowing change.

I used to work for a private company in Lagos Nigeria and when i decided to resign, my colleagues thought i was making the greatest mistake of my life because as at then, an SBD was less that a $ and to them it was folly to leave a job in a country where over 10million graduates walk the streets daily in search for jobs. But today, they wish they have something they believe so much in that they can make a decision that looks insane for. I have come to know now that the greatest mistake any man can make is to see a Risk and not take it; because it is always a Risk NOT to take a Risk.

First, I started the poultry farm using proceeds from steemit as i was NOT paid or given any package while i was leaving the job and now I have acquired a store where I want to start selling poultry feeds, poultry equipment, poultry drugs and vaccines etc(i am presently in the store with a carpenter working on the bedfloor for the feeds).IMG-20180121-WA0027.jpeg All this wouldn't have been possible without steemit. Steemit can mean different things to different people BUT to me, it is a life changer. Steemit gives me so much joy!

Steemit is changing lives.
Thank you @damarth for this great opportunity

I am


To be part of a blockchain platform that helps us share our creativity and mine with our minds, change our lives and inspire others is such a blessing! Congrats on your winning and I wish tons of more good things your way!


Thank you very much outhori5ed for the inspiration.

< it is always a Risk NOT to take a Risk>

You are a pioneer, an adventurer, a mind opener, you deserve your rewards and success, i wish you the best and take care of the poultry, let them have the best life possible.


Yes damarth.. He deserves.. He became a motivation for others.. And thanx damarth for your kindness as you are rewarding ppl with big heart.. I am quite impress from outhori as he showed his deep trust in steemit and left hi job and tried hard to be successful here.. Actually its your faith which take you to sky.. The faith can make an ordinary stone a representative of god or can convert into diamond.. Its faith that a person can create millions from trash and otherone consider trash only trash.. You took right decission by putting your faith in steemit as steemit is better than diamond.. I did the same.. One month ago i joined steemit and i am putting allmy efforts to be successful here.. I believe in it more than myself.. I ofered almost 50 persons in my family to join it and work on it.. After alot of fraud schemes on internet no one is ready to risk anything even their time and considering it fraud.. They are waiting for my success and i want to be a motivation for them.. Two weks ago i receved an offer of job in a public sector school as principal of school with handsom salary pkg with benefits like conyance, free education for kids etc but i refused to join and told them that i am committed now for work on steemit..although we are facing fynancial crysis nowadays i refused.. Its my commitmnt with myself.. I am confident that one day i ll be in good successful steemians and ll earn my nice income here.. I always searched for some good pllatfrm where iam able to work on my own way and ll b my own boss.. Thanx god i found it.. And thanx damarth you are providing good platfrm of success stories.. God bless you and protect you


WOoow...Thank you very much @damarth. I am very grateful and humbled by your show of love to this great community.

I will do my best in the farm and business and make it a testimony of how Steemit can change a life.

Thank you @damarth for giving us this platform to share our experiences. You are really a positive influence to us. I greatly appreciate.


You are amazing more blessings. Wishing your store will be successful. Keep on steemin'.


Wow your a cristian also God never leave us God give joy for all of us God give this opportunity to what we have now steemit is the way of God how we make joy to our life and how to fella successful life .Steemit is a great apportunity to all of us. When i read some other blogs im so inspired and im full of In couragemen to write a beatifull and inpiring story that other peoples like also to read a story of life of being Cristians A life with our God. Thank you for all of you guys.You makea good job im greatfull to have u here in steemit.


Blockchain opens opportunities that you never thought of before. Third world countries can benefit the most i guess and they should. Steemit unites blockchain technology with fun, knowledge, creativity and everthing what human being can offer. Steemit is not perfect, but when a platform is able to change lifes, it should definitly get the chance to be supported and as longer i blog and comment on steemit the more i believe in it . I mean its the case that i am more often on steemit than facebook already and that has to mean something. Thanks for your inspiration @outhori5ed. I hope its also an inspiration for others joining this platform and share thoughts and their lifes with us.
Greetings from Germany


Thank you very much @damarth for this great community of sharing our thoughts. Reading through the comments i am very convinced that steemit is really a life changer. I agree with you @cryptowani and i am optimistic that steemit is the escape from poverty, unemployment and inequality for youth especially of the third world countries.

I am humbled seeing how @damarth have made the world to see my steemit testimony and how it is now igniting greater testimonies from this community. Everyday, i consciously or unconsciously thank the founders of steemit @ned and @dan and the users who have made steemit 'a home for all'.

I have no testimony without YOU.

I am


thanks for the responce, i appreciate it.


I have a big testimony too

I live in a metropolitan city here in Nigeria called uyo and I joined steemit on the 27th of December, before then I wasn't really the giving type.

I came here and met so many generous people like @Damarth and my life changed. I used some of the coins @Damarth and @surpassinggoogle gave me on my comments on their posts and touched some lives early this year .

thank you Steemit
thank you @Damarth
thanks all who support and love humanity.


@Damarth supported charity visit to orphanages.

Yea, Steemit change my fate too!

Before starting my story, I would like to introduce myself first. I am degree student which taking Economics course at local university(Sg) currently. Before I knew Steemit, I was about to stop studying my degree and go for a work in order to pay my school fees.

Luckily, I discovered Steemit on Jun last year and start blogging. I start to earn money myself when I am studying. As time goes on, I was able to make a few thousand bucks and I changed my mind. I am not going to work anymore, because Steemit provides me an awesome platform to earn some money after school!

I am so appreciate to Steemit as it totolly changed my fate!


I wish to support artists with this platform! In my city there are a looot of great artists who cant hone their skills cos no schools support their kind of living and even parents are against of it. Its understandable but what if they can have the freedom to do what they want for their life? A chance to express and be rewarded accordingly?

Ive created 2 expressive groups because of this mission for 1 yr weve been performing and showcasing their talents in my city gradually achieving some kind of recognition for them.

Since i found steemit ive been lacking sleep cos i cant believe that this kind of platform exist! This will make everything possible for my groups and the future artists! A true blessing of technology! Soon ill be promoting steemit on our local tv with my groups!


When I first heard of STEEMIT, I doubted, but After gaining entry to Steemit my business turned around.


We don't risk anything trying steemit.

Rare to find a risk free opportunity in this world.


I really agree with you @damarth in steemit this is no risk of loss except for those who sell buy bitcoin for profit.


Yes damarth.. Yes this is the place we dnt need to invest anything.. This is the most important benefit here.. Actually we invest our time herr but its much better to waste any other useles place or social media like facebook where we spend but earn nothing.. Here withoutt investment we earn even in start you can earn 1sbd minimum daily.. And one thing money is not everything you learn here manythings in free share whatever we want talk to other ppl make new friends etc.. Steemit giving us a platform wherr we can use our abilities and skills and nourish them.. Different nations and cultured interact and learn alot from one another.. I am als feeling it risk free and so fully spending my time here... I am learning about it from differrnt sources and wish i ll b like damarth.. Big heart like damarth..


That is so nice to hear. Steemit makes the world a better place. Been there I sell crackers so I can eat a decent food way back on my college days.

Hello I Am Arnold from the Philippines and a dialysis patient for 15 years already.
I started dialysis December of 2001 and is also now suffering from a rare condition called "Leontiasis Ossea" and it gives me a disfigurement on my face and a disability on my speech and eating.
My backbone also collapsed and it gave me a disfigured look.
But steemit just picked me up and is supporting me via my friends here who are selflessly helping me even though I can return what they are constantly giving me.
Without steemit I do not know really what will happen to me because my medication is very expensive and I cannot afford it if it were not from he money that I was earning here.
Currently I am expecting a more expensive therapy because my hyperparathyroid isn't responding as expected and I am still having a thyroid hormone overdose from my hyperparathyroid so it would be another blow for my well-being as the medicine for it gives me an awful side-effect too.
I am just happy that I have God and steemit in my left and right ready as always to support me in this kind of dreaded condition that I am into. It is a hard life but at least I have something to comfort me.

You have always been the top rewarder and encourager, I was nearly in tears reading that guys testament and testimony, well the world is such a small place and steemit had made it smaller.

With loads of love from people like you loads of support and many have escaped the pangs of poverty infact many homes and poor countries have enjoyed the benevolence of this platform.

As for me, been struggling hard to pay my bills in college, don't dropped out for a year, it was hard, this time it's better, I have quite enough to pay here.

You're an amazing person buddy, I don't know you too much, but your works have told me what I really should know.


Thank you for your kind words josediccus, crypto revolution should really give back financial freedom to everyone and clearly steemit perflectly pursue this utopia.

Steemit is a proof of crypto revolution utopia !


Certainly it has, and you have magnanimously conveyed it with the right purpose,

Actually I also do steemit full time for a living. The platform offers better a opportunity than any full time job here in our country (the Philippines) as the average minimum wage here is 318.00 PHP only or slightly more than $6.00 a day, not to mention that it is also hard to find a decent job here (especially when you did not finish college). To us (Filipinos), steemit is more than just a platform, it is indeed a life changer! And so as I received my very first steemit payout, I was very very happy! So I shared the platform to some of my friends and most especially to my family. For now I am leading a small steemit community here in our place (the @steemph.iligan community). Actually it is more than just a community, to us we are more like a family already. I guide them and we support each other to be fruitful here. I would really appreciate your help if you can throw some support to us. Thank you!


From statistics, i see the Phillipines community is very strong, it's really great the platform reach mass adoption there and offer new opportunities for so many people.
Thank you for your testimony.


Yeah and our number here is significantly growing over time. SteemPH and other curation project such as @bayanihan are starting to have problems in reaching out all Filipino steemians. So I asked for a steemph subsection and so affiliated branches such @steemph.iligan are created to discover promising authors from every provinces in the whole Philippines.


how many your first payment?
how you received your ammount.

This platform is indeed such a great opportunity! It changes many peoples life completely, by giving them the change to support their studies or just giving them a way to express themself!
Beautiful minds are getting connected with each other and share the love, joy and happiness. The positive vibes are everywhere around. I have seen groups of steemians together, and it is barely possible to see them more excited about anything else than steemit! I feel this will be my blessing of 2018, our blessing.


Steemit to me is my life ...since I came to discover steemit on Dec 19th 2017, it has been my all-and-all, I discovered Steemit on my darkest of hour,i was so broke to the point that I ask for support to eat, I have already given up on life, any thing I touch fail, I have tried all other ways to make it to the top but all to no avail, until a friend introduced me this beautiful community which has totally transformed my life..... Today I can tell you of some many investment I have established with the income I earn from steemit

IMG_20180120_101627.jpgmy fish pond farm I recently build this year from the income I earn for steemit

Also steemit has help to build my self confidence and has made me useful in my community.

Thanks steemit and @damarth

When i joined steemit, this is where i am getting the money for almost everything. Like bills and all that. Steemit community helps me to get funds to be able to pay everything with my pregnancy, it adds up to our savings. so it's really a big help since i lost my job after getting pregnant for some health issue. I do steemit as my full time job i am blogging to make a living, and i realized that steemit can do anything, i am making more than my daily rate when i used to work in manila. Steemit can change someones life, i witness most of steemian here changed life bcos of the power of steemit, people become more wealthy and Blessed. Steemit is a blessing in disguise. We should value and give importance of using the platform. Steemit is morethan just a social networking site. Ot is where the FAMILY everyday gather to share informations and love.

What i can share now
I am making post as much as i can, sharing quality contents to save up some money to buy art materials for kids, my bestfriend and i planning to teach out of school youth, teach them how to read and write and also to draw we already bought some papers and pencil. I am still saving to buy some chairs and small tables for them. ☺ i am forwarding my blessing to them.


Thanks so much @Damarth for your goodness, I love you sir. Keep doing good.
You have changed my story, I now give to people not just receive

I wish to support artists with this platform! In my city there are a looot of great artists who cant hone their skills cos no schools support their kind of living and even parents are against of it. Its understandable but what if they can have the freedom to do what they want for their life? A chance to express and be rewarded accordingly?

Ive created 2 expressive groups because of this mission for 1 yr weve been performing and showcasing their talents in my city gradually achieving some kind of recognition for them.

Since i found steemit ive been lacking sleep cos i cant believe that this kind of platform exist! This will make everything possible for my groups and the future artists! A true blessing of technology! Soon ill be promoting steemit on our local tv with my groups!

  ·  3년 전

I am student in Nigeria that depend on the meager amount of money that my middle class parents can provide monthly. Sometimes what I get won't even last the first week of the month.
Since I found out about steemit, I am able to meet my basic needs, and even sometimes I don't bother asking from my parents. I just love the feel of being independent. I am so happy I found steemit and I am grateful to people like@damarth that helps minnows on the blockchain.

I was an unemployed. I was sitting
at home by passing MBA. His
father used to work in his money.
Steemit.Com has really changed
my life. Thank you so much for
opening this website. One day you
will be steemit popular than


This is my story too, that a self sponsored student who needed financial aid urgently. Thanks for steemit


I'm very glad that I joined this platform. Steemit changed my life !!!!! The fact is that I live in the Donbas ... we have a war ... unemployment ..
And those who were lucky and they got a job, too, it is not easy. Salaries are very small, 5000 rubles per month. And how to live it ??????
And here it is !!!! Support!!!!!
I discovered this platform for myself, where I can not only realize myself and my thoughts, but also worthy of it zarobatyvat.Chto be able to feed themselves and the family !!!!! Thank you for that!!!!!!
It's in the police ... if you are interested in the details of life in Ukraine, in particular Donbass, write ... I'll tell the whole truth from the first mouth))))


steemit will change everyone's life in future INSHA ALLAH. But i am so happy to know that their ia an authentic income platform who helped students, unemployed,housewifes, people who under debt. I am trying my luck on it. And Insha Allah will share share my success story with you soon.

I can be considered a beginner in Steemit. Why is that, since I signed up in mid-2017 and did not use it because I was too busy with my work. In those days I saw my friends who used Steemit had a lot of success and increased their income. I envy them and in my heart regret why I did not use them after I registered. Starting today especially after reading this post from @damarth and reading comments comments below from my Steemit friends friends I am determined to be able to have income from this Steemit and I hope people like you @damarth who are among the users of Steemit are known to be generous in giving upvote would help me to quickly develop in the world of Steemit.


It take motivation to build a long term relationship with a new community and stay active, sometimes we need inspiring story to believe what is possible to achieve.
That's why outhori5ed story all all testimony comments here are so important.


Motivation is what made me succeed here. Thank u @Damarth


Thank you very much @damarth,
Motivation of people like you is very valuable for beginners like us ...

For staying here in 12 days i was able to write up my feelings. May father died last christmas, writting and reading some other posts here lessen the burden and hatred inside. As of now this is the only way where i can blow it off. This is such an awesome community! Thank you @damarth for making me realize how lucky i am for being here. You're one of our inspirations here, considering us - begginers here is a big help! May god bless you more.


My condolences neihy for you father, i wish you the best.

I am Student and always depending on my parents for financial assistance but with steemit I was able to pay my school fee all by myself for the first time ever and I freed my parents from the stress of always sending feeding allowance.

Steemit changes my life. My Dad passed a year and some months ago and making ends meet at home became increasingly difficult with seven children feeding and schooling from once source!!!

I was introduced to Steemit at a Seminar last year December. I started ernestly, making posts that only garnered a dollar. I was discouraged but that was until one of my posts last three weeks clucked 251$. The proceeds that came from that posr went a long way into catering for my needs!


I intend to keep steeming and promoting Steemit to everyone i know!

I'm unemployed, things have been hard before now but with steemit at least I now have a little source of income. Although I'm still new, I hope to explore more opportunities on this platform and invest for the future. Thanks @damarth, your previous reward really went a long way to encourage me!
Hope to be like you one day

If there is one word I can use to describe Steemit, it would be life-changing. It changes lives in a way that:

  • users can share their talents and skills without being afraid to be judged by others since this platform is all about positivity
  • users can make money by showcasing their talents and skills, by engaging with others, etc
  • unlike other platforms where people show only the best part of them, Steemit is a platform where one can share his deepest, darkest, most painful experiences where others can be inspired and learn something from
  • users will always learn something new everyday, something valuable, something inspiring
  • it is a tool to discover ones potential, try out new things and push someone beyond his limits;
  • and the best thing is that it is a community where one can build relationship with others. it is about friendship, helping one another grow, and always making sure no one gets left behind

I have seen many people succeed in this platform, which is something I want to achieve as well. But it doesn't happen overtime. It is a constant build up of hardwork, talent, and engagement. But the good thing is, I know I always have people to go to for guidance and support.

Let me also share how people admire you for your generosity. You always support people around which contributed to an increase in their self-confidence and earning. You are one of the people whom Steemians look up to. Thank you for your kindness and please continue your advocacy.

  ·  3년 전

Steemit... It encourages a lot when you observe every day how it changes peoples lives.
To be frank, It's the only social media platform that I use. I don't really use any other because It's just a waste of time and everyone is always arguing about nothing in very rude way. But here... you can rarely see something like that.
It didn't completely change my life yet but I'm already working on it. It was a great experience to meet people who also believe in decentralisation and freedom of mind.
I've started to learn digital drawing because of steemit. And it can help me connect with people who does the same, ask for advices and show my progress.
It is definitely a great project and I believe it will help a lot of people to reach heights they would never believe they could reach.

thanks @damarth.
I am a newcomer. i come from aceh indonesia. and my son @safrijals.
he is the one who invites me in the world of steemit. and he always guides me. and he often tells you about me. you are a wonderful person. and kind. you are a noble person.

I expect support from you. and if someday you have time please visit to my blog and comment if there is a mistake. give me a beautiful landing so that many posts in others see. thanks @damarth.


Wow !! Glad to see you guys son and father. It's really great achievement to this platform that people easily get chances to using this and connected with this community. If it is happening regular basis i think it will be boom though not immediately but definitely . I appreciate your mind . @damarth


Thank you guys


I'm much appreciating you for making this post and giving chance to win your upvote. ;) I'm awaiting since 8 days for your posts because you loved to hear people's problems and experiences. That's what I'm going to share it with you.

I joined #steemit one month and few days ago for generating some revenue for my family and personal expenses. With this purpose, I tried to work hard on steemit from day to night so that I can generate monthly expenses from this greatest platform.

And, I found this platform really helpful for making some money and fan following towards my photography and food blogging. I'm much happier than before choosing this platform cause of you guys who give author rewards for writing being a loyal author and coomunity.

You know what, why I started work hard from day to night? JUST BECAUSE OF YOU because you have given me out 5 SBD on my comments and this little help encourage me much more that you can expect right now for growing up using this network.

Hello All of my Steemit Friend..

Especially to Our Senior and The Expert Stemians @damarth.

In this Comments i want to tel about my story when i hear a platform Steemit.

when I first heard of social media platforms steemit this. I feel there is something new and is very important in steemit this. so I tried to search for more information about steemit this.

I get the information that steemit this is a social media very useful for US and we can get a reward of working with how to make postings on steemit.

after know news great I directly plans to register a new member steemit. after registration finished my no special task to an area so I there are not able to use all of my time to work on the platform steemit.

after a few months later I heard comrades i've been successful and managed by the media steemit. so I feel very jealous and want to be more work for steemit after a month more I can't open applications steemit because I work specifically for something in a remote areas.

And after that I get the success of outstanding common applications steemit. I am so could work as much as possible to forward with steemit by making posts by posting a nice and interesting.

that I need to tell me here is I really feel sad when I could not working together steemit. I feel jealous and difficult when I could not up to open the application steemit and make postings.

Because I am very happy and happy can be shared steemit with friends and members of the others I feel here to get something that I wish I could be a better life together steemit. spirit that's what need to followed by all members steemit around the world.

so my hope we wish all members steemit can take the time is more to work together steemit.I hope we all became brother through platform steemit. hopefully we can always help each other and support each other for advanced along with this platform .. it is Steemit.

sorry if there is wrong in English me because I still not good at English language.

Thank you very much to everyone who supports me particularly my best friend @damarth.

See you later on the next post.

28 days have gone past since I first registered here on Steemit. What a life changing experience it has been.

From being introduced to Crypto to learning what it means to be a blogger, literally a life changing experience, no other terms can describe it.

I truly have found a new challenge in my life, in the second half of my life span, maybe even the last third of my life span, but what ever it is, it is going to be the most interesting part of my life as I have seen an entire new world out there.


2018 will be greater than last year. I have a testimony, a student I am, money for text books was difficult. Steemit came n rescued me. Thanks @Damarth

Hey @damarth, what your doing is inspiring. Im glad that you a sharing thoughts of other Steemians and their stories. And that you are creating a better environtment for Steemit. Because of that, count me in to your followers now.

Well, in my case, I did too, Steemit changed my outlook in my everyday life. Before, I mainly focus on my work. My previous hobbies was all forgotten until I joined steemit since two months ago. I regret that I was a bit late, If only I knew it earlier. My self-motivation started to turn-up again, I began to appreciate the small things around me. Before, I don't even appreciate the good things around me but now I'm beginning to appreciate even the smallest things that I have. I even blog about it, hehehe. Anyway, I guess the positive environment that Steemit is providing is affecting not only our social life but also our personal life. This platform brings out the best in us and happy to be part of it.

I've said it many times, Steemit has the potential to be great and really glad that I'm part of it.

2018 is going to be a HUGE year for steem and all of us using the platform. The two biggest things that separates steem from other crypto currencies is that the community aspect and networking ability on this platform is unmatched in the crypto space. No other coin connects users from across the globe quite like steem.

The second aspect that separates steem from the rest is the amount of transactions that can be processed and no fees involved. As more users join the platform, more and more FEE-LESS transactions will be taking place. More transactions than any other coin out there.

So these to factors are absolutely huge for the steem platform and us as the user base. going to be a great year, cheers to our success


I agree , i think the market undervalue the potential of steem to be use as currency, fast, cheap and backed by humans social media activity.


The use cases just keep growing with steem. This year they are going to roll out SMT's which will add a lot, you have lots of different developers in the @utopian-io area developing programs and getting paid. You have the @paywithsteem community growing and there are even restaurants where you can pay with steem, no cash needed. Faster and cheaper than bitcoin. It's a beautiful thing


Exactly, i don't know when we can expect SMT's to be delivered but it will be the next level for steemit.

Few weeks ago, i heard about steemit debit card, i don't know if it is scheduled soon.

With Dapps on steemit blockchain and the remaining adoption to gain, the potential of the platform is impressive.


My life has returned to my best. Thanks steemit


Couldn't agree more. Have a good sunday my friend


Hello @Damarth, truth is steem value Will keep increasing as long as the investors keep believingin it and promoting it

  ·  3년 전

there was a ponzi scheme that hit Nigerian last year. It turned men to boys and women to girls. I too was affected. At first when I heard of steemit, I thought it was another ponzi so I rebuked the Idea. I am very thankful to @jaff8 who went as far as to cash out just to make me believe. I created an account in October, but became active in November. My introduce yourself post gave me $20, but my friend whom introduced me to steemit said to me that my next post might not be as high as this but I should not be discouraged. Indeed when I made my second post it didn't give up to 10 cent.

my achievements so far with steemit.

Steemit has helped me in many ways. I was able to get my self a new PC. This week I am going to be launching my snail farm (I am going to share it on steemit). My dad has just retired and all I have to do is to keep on making quality content and commenting to support my family. Above all steemit has changed my mentality and way of thinking. and I believe it has also changed the mentality of some of my fellow Nigerians. There was a scenario where a fellow Nigerian was to sell me some SBDs. I made the payment late and when I was back online, he had already sold to another buyer. He asked me for my account details and refunded the money. I was very surprised. This is very rear in Nigeria. So I am really glad that steemit has not just changed only me but my fellow Nigerians.
Thank you sir @damarth for making it possible for us to share our experience so far.

You can never know how your life can change in a little over two months. Steemit happened and i thank God for the way He used in introducing me to it through this amazing person @kingsolo and the massive help i have received so far from @tojukaka.

With Steemit, i got to understand that no one has the monopoly of knowledge. Just when you thought you have understood one thing and you are confident about it, you see other views and you are totally blown away and that keeps you humble; confident, yes, but at the same time being open to learn more and absorb all you can and that is one of the amazing adjustments that has happened to my life CHARACTER WISE and *MENTALLY since i found steemit.

I spoke to some groups of people about Steemit and about them coming on board. I always tel people everytime that before Steemit, i know absolutely NOTHING about digital world or currencies. I was a clueless man in that department. When i spoke to these groups, their usual statement and words are usually in "We don't understand how crypto currency works". And i always admire that because humility and admittance that you don't know a thing is the first step to learning and it keeps your heart and mind open. I always share my own testimony about how i know NOTHING about this too and i have found love and understanding in it and very soon, these set of groups are coming on board and i will give them all the help and guidance that they need just as i was given when i started out. We all could use the little help and push.

Another achievement i can record is the shift in mentality, sorely pointing to the power of association; SOCIAL DEPARTMENT. Nobody can make it in the world alone and Steemit embodies that. It makes you believe in the power of association which is to focus on building new relationships, having like minded people around you and every other aspect becomes easy, even the highly sort after SBD and STEEM.

"When you walk with gaints, you can never remain a dwarf. You don't only see far, you go far" - Reverend Gbeminiyi Eboda

"A person will remain the same for years to come except for two things; the books he reads and the company he keeps" - Reverend Gbeminiyi Eboda.

I found a new passion with Steemit. Steemit gave me a new platform to be heard when i was already losing interest in my writing ability due to low turn out. I was losing the steam but steemit came and gave it back. It really brought out my writing skills and gifts which i have abandoned for a long time and brought out another aspect of me that i have in me which i haven't been doing more like i am supposed to; giving advice and motivating. I do it more now and that is a remarkable achievement for me in my life and in the impact i wish to make because i want to give people new mindset about their misconceptions about life, and that is why i am always on most comment sections to make my presence felt and touch a life.

I strongly believe when people have better mind set, there would be a change in attitude and they can do more with their lives and see more to themselves so that they can impact their world.

Most of the time the negative things we see around affects our mind and kills our creativity but with a better mindset, everyone can see things differently. With Steemit as a better platform, i intend to do more of that.

Another amazing achievement i have been able to record since Steemit is in the MENTAL DEPARTMENT. As a writer or aspiring writer, you should be able to read more which can enhance your writing skills and bring about creativity and i have been lazy in that department (and as i said earlier, i kind of lost motivation to write), and now i have been able to read more now on a single platform and learning everyday.

The lure that brought most of us here is the money. I can't believe how this platform has been able to help me fix this and still fixing it...thanks to God and people like you here on Steemit.

  ·  3년 전

Hi dearest one, I'm happy that you give me a huge oppotunity for sharing my life chnaging experience on steemit.

I started #steemit platform to introduce my skill level regarding Gaming and PCs. I was happy when I uploaded my first gaming video about how to install on PC/Laptop because I got 50 Steem Dollar and my Rep. Score grow up from 25 to 43 in no minutes. This is what empower me to work more and more to get some nice reviews and upvotes.

Honestly speaking, steemit pltform give me a great oppotunity to share my skill and getting rewards in return. Most importantly, this earning is the my FIRST EVER EEARNING of my LIFE. I'm cloud on nine. I'm making plan to get more on this network. Thanks Sir for making this post and giving us your sometime. 🙂

Well, I'm basically full time here as well. My country is not the richest, the minimum wage is quite low. Steemit is indeed changing my life because I don't need to work at a hard job for pennies and I don't need to leave my country (like most peole do here) to earn more money. I'm really happy that Steemit provides such great opportunity to earn some income. And I earn money by doing what I love, so that's really awesome! It's a life changing platform for people like me :)

I did not know what to pay debt for. and now I have felt the pleasure in steemit. and I used to have a debt of about 20 million rupiah and now I've paid half of it all. and I will try to pay debts from others. I am now paying 15 million and I am in debt of 5 million more. and I will keep trying to pay the debt. thank you so much to you @damarth.

I tried every possible method online to earn for my family as i belong to a poor family; but invain, since 2015 :(
I wanted to earn because i wasnt able to manage my education expenses.
For this purpose i join steemit community.
Here i am very happy because i earned 5SBD so far and i am working hard to make my self viral in steemit and earn enough for my family so that i can fulfill their every possible need and myself too..
Thanks #damarth for giving me a chance to share my story with all of you
I hope you will support me in this matter
Stay blessed

thanks a ton for giving this great opportunity once again that I can share life changing experience to you. I'm much obliged for that...Lemme try to share one and the most important thing here that I have joined this superb platform to get some money for my educational fees and also I want to educate my younger brother with the help of this money.

That's why I joined this so that I can get some education, after that I can join a forum to feed my tummy in the future. This was the main purpose behind it an now I'm happy that this network helps me to get on my feet in some time. STEEMIT GIVES ME A LOT, A Nice fan following, good people who love to read my comment and my friend also encourage me to work hard on the platform to get more valuable things from here.

hello, damarth i was in standard 9 when my father left us and that hard situations we face cant be expressed in words, after that to support my family I started online work by fiver freelancing and youtube after that moved to affiliate blog,
now one of our blogging teachers introduced steemit to us and we all started working on this platform, I was surprised by my intro post that this can help me out and stuck with it, for me now I am not that much successful like you but I will one day and I loved this community especially people like you are here who helps everyone thank you @damarth
i daily visit your blog bro you can see your search preferences heredamarth.PNG

Steemit is a life changer for Africans.Life can sometimes be hard in Africa!
We all hear of the high unemployment rates and also the high rates of underpayment from employers.

Steemit has changed my life too Herr in Uganda.I am among the first guys to join Steemit in Uganda and earning a modest amount in a week,money average take a month to earn.

I am currently concentrated on Steemit full time and showing this awesome opportunity to Uganda.

Steemit is a big opportunity to Africa,it's why we keep promoting it crazily here.Steemit is changing Africa.

I am a new steemians, I see many steemians in Aceh succeed because of steemit and help the friends or the less fortunate community in the neighborhood.

I was invited by my brother and my friend @teukurahmatakbar to create a steemit account. in order to earn a living for me and my family and help the community around.

Likes grief as steemians is hard to find upvotes who would vote every post me.

that's my story

As a photographer I needed money to expand my business, steemit changed my story

Thank you sir damarth for this opportunity to once again express my gratitude to steemit for changing my life for good.

Just late last year around November, I had no money and no means of empowering myself financially. I had invested in a scheme earlier 2017 that made me lose all my money. Then my friend @jaff8 told me about steemit and then my life changed. I got my first @curie upvote in December and I was able to purchase some equipment for my photography and also pay my sibling's school tuition fees.

Steemit has made me a better person all round. I now read more, I now write better articles, I now have a means for getting rewarded for my photography, I am now a better thinker and now I know more things because of the numerous posts I read every day on steemit.

I am on my way to being financially free.
After I graduate from the department of civil engineering next year I would use some of the money I have been saving from steemit to further my studies, abroad hopefully.

I now communicate better with people on the internet due to the numerous interactions I've had on the platform.

Just recently I went out to see a friend and on my way home I got something really nice for my parents. They were so happy that their son remembered to buy the something on his way home. It made me look really responsible in their sight. You should have seen the smile on their faces. This is all thanks to steemit.

Steemit is the new occupation and steem is the currency.
Once again damarth, thank you for supporting me. You have been a blessing to me and to the community.

Yours sincerely

  ·  3년 전

being among a large family,were everyone has to fish for his/her self. i grew up living on doors, i had to work in an early age just to ensure that i don't go begging. With God at my side , i was able to make up some few cash which i added to the cash that i got from friends and with that, i was able to save money to enhance and further my education and now i'm currently studying Electrical/Electronics Engineering at college, although life has not being easy because collage life is too expensive but what was i supposed to do, i had no choice than to continue working and at same time schooling, which i didn't find that easy for me, it really affected my book work. Just on this faithful day when i came across a friend and he did introduced me to steemit and this was because he knew how well i love writing, so he suggested that i join steemit, a platform where i can express my love for writing and even learn more in the community and at same time earn from it. That's how my life embrace a new change and now i can boldly say that i'm living a perfect life and also my education life is going smoothly... Big thank you to Steemit

I’m actually new to this community 4 days ago just posted my first ever post here in Steemit its an introduction post about who I am and why I am here! I am always looking forward that this platform will change my life start from now.

I am happy to see that my introduction post reached more than 10 SBD it is super exciting for a newbie like me its inspiring to see that I earned that amount for my first post.

Thank you for the support @damarth I saw you visited my introduction post

Hopefully more Steemians can see my introduction post for them to know me more!

What will you contribute to the #steemit community?

  1. Spread a message – to people whom I knew, share about the platform to friends with interest in sharing their life experiences publicly.
  2. Share quality content – original contents, photos & videos will be share to this community. Like sharing fun and interesting stuff and being creative.

What is your expectation in #steemit community?

I expect to learn more about life experiences of people in different nationality.

I expect that this community will help me become more expressive person thru sharing all my thoughts.

I expect that this #steemit community will change my entire life including the financial situation, it’s a great opportunity for me to be part of this community with this platform as what I saw from my sister-in-law, my husband and most of Steemians are earning money with this platform it makes me excite to work this thing out.

I am eager to learn from all Steemians as well as to share some of my thoughts, experiences, activities, hobbies, concern and great achievements in a way to better myself and the world around me!

Feel free to comments, correct and suggest on how to make this blog more interesting, leave any questions, comments, corrections, tips, suggestions to guide me on this journey.

Thanks for inspiring me!

First I'll love to say a big thank you to @damarth for what he is doing for us minnows on steemit.
Since joining steemit my life has improved greatly in every aspect. Before joining steemit I was having serious financial issues and also was not making good use of my time because where I come from there is little to do to fetch you money.

I wanted to acquire some hand skills but there was no money for the registration, school was going to resume in few weeks and I had no money for fees and even books not to mention clothings. The thought of how to solve these problems continued to depress me because I felt like I wasn't making good use of time and there wasn't much I could do.

Few weeks into december a friend @yourmercury introduced me to steemit. On december 25th I started blogging and right from that moment everything changed. Within weeks of blogging I started earning real money online and I started developing a new hobby. My way of thinking improved and the I started solving my problems bit by bit. I joined a steemit community #steembenin created by my buddy @jaff8 and made friends with great minds like @estheromoyiwola and a host of many others . steemit helped me in purchasing a phone which I now use mainly for steemit related purposes.


All thanks to @damarth and many other kind steemians for their upvotes I've been able to start saving funds for my school fees and textbooks and hopefully I'll achieve my target soon.

When I resolve all these issues hopefully I wish to start investing here on steemit and when I'm big enough I will bring up different platforms to give back to the steemit community.

Steemit community has shown me that I can become a part of a revolution and I'm glad for that.

first of all i really say thank you all of you steemians and also specially you for encourge steemian and me always @damarth you are a good man in steemit from all others and that you give us a big and new hope to stay here for alaywas with your rewards
i am a house wife and have a daughter 7 year i spent my all time in home with my daughter and was some borig time when i had not any work. one day my brother told me about steemit but truely i had not believe on it but i registerd here and start it and shared my post then got some small upvotes then i saw the other acounts and that in start we make a intorduce post and i made an itroduce that time i was so excited when i got some big upvotes and specially your upvote on my intorduce post was big than 6$ that was my first big upvote which i got from you.; then i was start it with a hope and then after some time i got upvotes daily and a small earning which was realy better and now i have my own income and earned from steemit 5000+ usd in 3 months from steemit which are in my saving acount, now i sure and a strong hope that after 2 month i will buy my car and sure in 2 years we will buy a small apartment with my steemit earning and also my all steemit earning is for my daughter bright future because i realize it , that if i work on steemit and give some more time i will earen minimum 3000usd per month which is too much for me and it will be in one year 30000 which will complete my all dreams and goals
steemit give me muc and a hope to get every thin in my life which i will need and dream
thank you @damarth for gave me a hope to stay here and now i am so happy that i am not late to join steemit

When I saw this post from @damarth I said wow he realy loves to hear changing stories of steemians. Remembered when he came to my blog to read my life changing story after i started steemit and he upvoted, that was my highest paid out since I started and I was realy happy. God bless you more @damarth. I love your heart.

Back to my changing story. Life before steemit was not smooth, a young girl and an undergraduate. I could hardly get what I wanted but i had no choice than to be contented. Life was rough trust me. Now am resuming school tomorrow, I have been able to get some new clothes, pay some bills and helped my siblings to get food stuffs at home and my elder sister I introduced to steemit is so happy, now she is getting some money to pay for numerous projects she has in mind and also help the family stabilize and also planning to get a means so that my siblings can also make life out from steemit and also impact their community as @damarth had shown us. . . Steemit is helping lives.

DAMARTH Thankyou for making me happy about your heart for human.

My steemit Story is one i always talk about everywhere I go.

Steemit for my didn't happen by accident, It came when I was really in search for personal fulfillment, I have tried several online medium but now could give me the feeling I seek. I tried forex trading but I couldn't get that fulfillment even thou I could get some cash out.

Then suddenly my forex instructor @keban told me about steemit, I knew it was it, I knew it was what I have been looking for, I quickly when for it and in few weeks I registered over 50 people.

Now I can say i'm happy because I see life being change daily, I see people i introduced expressing themself and also getting some cash out at the end of the day. This is a life time experience, I look forward to exploring the steem blockchain.

I joined Steemit October last year after losing some money due to error in judgement. I didn't expect to make rewards, because I wasn't very social. But I later saw that good contents what was matters the most here.

With my Steemit earnings I have been able to Install a solar system at home. The epileptic power supply here does not worry me much anymore.

I am also happy for some I introduced to the platform. One was able to get a laptop with his Steemit earnings, about three of them were able to get good smartphones. The last just started a poultry with his steemit earnings. All these bring joy to my heart. It shows steemit really impacts in people's lives.

My Steemit Story

First things first Steemit is extremely impressive, second the platform is unique, I love the platform because for the first time I joined a social media network site that rewards the members not just by posting blogs but also by commenting to someone's blog post.

Steemit changed my life, the hobby was changed first I was addicted to the famous social media we all knew which is the Facebook because it helps me communicating with love ones, expresses my feelings and ideas on it, reading post and watching videos of people around the world. It is also helpful for my business to be seen and advertised worldwide. The Facebook platform is awesome and is helpful to all people if use it for good.

The Difference

Facebook doesn't pay members for using, sharing contents and I saw there are lots of quality contents contributed by its users compared to #steemit we members are rewarded with crypto currency called SBD & Steem which is convertible to cash using some exchanges platform or trading program.

Crypto currency is the future of money and I believed that we are still an early bird to this trend and we are lucky of being an early bird because we have big chance to earn more and that a reward for being early.


It is to share this platform to all people for us to help them change their life the way this platform help changes our lives. The goal is to share & educate our friends, families and neighbors what this platform is all about.

Thank you for the inspiration @damarth you're an inspiration to all of us especially for newbies. Shout out also to @outhori5ed and congrats, you had been choosen by @damarth and was featured on his/her post.

Thank you for reading this comment of mine I hope this contributes to this platform! Have a great day and looking forward for your future contents.

Without mincing words, without any iota of doubt. Steemit is the real deal. I have lost my interest in writing but Steemit brought it back. I always rave in most of my posts on how Steemit has helped me.

I learned about the value of relationship on Steemit. I have learned more how to place appropriate value on relationships. This community is all about love, care, sharing and HONOUR, and it helps in making you give your best at all times.

I learned about not being lazy and this involve in reading a post to the letter and in commenting.

I learned i am not just here for the reward pool but to learn as well. Wow...this community has the monopoly of knowledge. You get to read things from different angles and perspectives, even things above your jurisdiction which you might naturally need a level 12 clearance for in other platforms hahahahaha. I try to read and absorb as much as i could...and that is why i have been able to learn about Crytpocurrencies which i have never heard of before Steemit. I was confused at first. Hahaha.

I learned about being deliberate about making impacts and touching lives. If you have not been "wired" like that before to know how to live your life, Steemit will open you to what you have been ignoring since; living for others.

Giving isn't really giving until you give to someone who might never be able to repay you.

You stop focusing on self and think of the greater good, be honest and deliberate about it.

Steemit teaches you about patience. In full flow haha. Everything is in stages and you have to queue and learn like everyone else. With over 4,000 friends on Facebook and large numbers on Instagram, i came here as a newbie. Enh...yes...newbie. I queued. I learned. I was patience to start from the scratch and learn how it works here that is why if you come just for the money without having your mindset flexible enough to adapt, it is easy to quit. My introductory post fetched me 0.12. I still get less than $1 on some posts too. Still learning, still being patient.

This community is still growing like you said sir and i am excited about it.

As someone who has just hit thirty years old with no job, no wife (only girlfriend), no kids etc, Steemit has been a way to let me save and get additional things to help out like a new PC for my programming.

The money was always a bonus, I quickly found the community to be amazing and full of wonderful people and I was able to start making some awesome new friends. Never has a social media/blogging site been so amazing in general.

Hi guys tho i am few weeks old here, i can never forget my first sbd on steemit and that came from @damarth, i really have not understood what steemit was all about but i just enjoy doing it and i started my creativity of thinking wide bringing out new content out of me, i really did not believe i can withdraw the money tho and i waited and start posting my daily post and doing it to keep body and mind together that was after a committed love heart break story i got from my ex girlfriend on a short run 7days after i got my first paid out it was a magic i swear to God i begin to imagine how this is done and started putting more effort to it and inviting people to steemit, when @damarth got is 3000thousand followers i check what he has been doing to have this amount of followers the key #word was hard work, ofcourse steemit need more time to be spend on and the more you spend reading people bloqs the more you comment and upvote the more you get your steem dollar and i believe steemit is going to get me my first power bike in a less period of time, thanks to steemit and thanks to the boss @damarth for his kindness, more followers bro keep the good work


Happy to contribute to your steemit life changing story, keep going!


thanks bro you are my steemit super hero

The fascinating and inspiring story of @outhori5ed. I am amazed to see how this social plate-form work for him and change his fate. This steemit community is incredible and people like @damarth and @outhori5ed always ready to helps others by upvoting their post.

Before starting my story, i must thank you @damarth for your act of kindness as you always upvote the comments of a newbie to help him grow in this community.

Your upvote not only helps him to gain some RP in this community but also earn some $$ which support him in ordinary life.

I m struggling from 2 years for earning some $$ on the internet to the full filed my requirements, but my all efforts have no result . all my struggles come to an end and I earn zero dollars from last two years on the online field.
I learned a lot of different skills, but success is not in my fortune. Luckily my friend told me about steemit. In the start, i am not believed on it; I think its just a fake social media site which could not give you anything and you don't even earn a single penny from this social site.

But my friend forced me, and I start working on it and surprisingly just after working five days my RP change, and also some steem dollar are earned at my wallet.

Surprisingly 10 SBDs are earned by me which is almost 60 plus US Dollar.
It was first ever fastest online earning in my all online field era, I surprised and started steemit with full passion and determination.

Whether m using the steemit since only one month but I understood that this plate form has excellent potential, and 2018 must be steem blockchain year, which change the fate of person completely.

indeed a good chance! It changes a lot of people's lives completely, by giving them changes to support their studies or just giving them a way to express themselves!
Beautiful thoughts are connected to one another and share love, joy and happiness. I have seen a group of incredible steemians of all, and it is almost impossible to see them more excited about anything other than steemit! I think this will be a blessing for me at the beginning of this year, I am amazed at what you say @damarth, I keep following you, and I hope you follow me @sierenvl

Haiiiiii @damarth.
I am big hope this distemem can help my finance because many my friends who are successful I also want to like them ... I borrow money from friends to buy a simple android hp so I can playsteemit but has 4 posts no one visit, y probably masi recently no one knows.
but with me follow you @damarth and my riblog and upvot have you can be the beginning of a stepping stone for me .... you for me is very amazing, hopefully i can pencerhan and change .... this is a good start for us. Thanks @damarth you are so incredible.

@damarth, I am very grateful for ALL you are doing and for also sharing my comment as a means to motivate and encourage others. I am very positive that there are millions of people who are doing more in their capacity through steemit and I am encouraged daily to steem and to spend my time on this platform.
Everyone has a mind capable of producing the unthinkable and doing the impossible. Steemit mines the mind of a man to make him productive beyond his wildest dreams and he begins to function beyond his wildest reach.

Yes, I SteemIT for a living and my life is receiving a growing and glowing change.

I used to work for a private company in Lagos Nigeria and when i decided to resign, my colleagues thought i was making the greatest mistake of my life because as at then, an SBD was less that a $ and to them it was folly to leave a job in a country where over 10million graduates walk the streets daily in search for jobs. But today, they wish they have something they believe so much in that they can make a decision that looks insane for. I have come to know now that the greatest mistake any man can make is to see a Risk and not take it; because it is always a Risk NOT to take a Risk.

First, I started the poultry farm using proceeds from steemit as i was NOT paid or given any package while i was leaving the job and now I have acquired a store where I want to start selling poultry feeds, poultry equipment, poultry drugs and vaccines etc(i am presently in the store with a carpenter working on the bedfloor for the feeds).

It is really amazing how a single social platform can bring some drastic change in a person's life as steemit did with @outhori5ed and obviously many other people too! Especially in countries where the economy is not good it is a great opportunity for people to create an alternative source of income or even a full-time one, as it happened with our friend from Nigeria.

When I first heard about steemit, from a friend who didn't mention that it's a blockhain and decentralised concept, I thought it was just another scam of the thousands that exist out there.
But when I found out about the nature of steemit, how and where the rewards are coming from, then the whole concept made sense.
I joined recently and started sharing a few posts, but I am still in the learning phase. I was lucky to have my introductory post be noticed and upvoted by you and this is actually how I came across you @damarth.

I don't have a life changing story to share - yet - but I will share my thoughts about steemit through my experience so far. What excites me here is the fact that steemit has a community approach rather than just another social media platform. The fact that it encourages its users to post quality content (and rewards them for that) and in the same time discourages poor content and spammy behaviors, is what made me to take it seriously.

I am a member for 24 days now and I have made a few posts that I consider original, sharing my ideas and thoughts. I haven't had any major engagement nor payout (my biggest one was my introductory post because of your upvote - the rest of them were just a few cents). This is not a problem though because I know that everything worthwile in this life requires patience. I decided to stay in steemit for the long run and not for just getting some fast cash with dodgy ways.

And this is exactly what concerns me about steemit and its future... I am seeing very poor posts getting lots of upvotes and big payouts without adding anything valuable to the community. Bots, multiple accounts from same users upvoting their own posts, groups of people who post poorly but they upvote each other... All these are manipulations of the rewards system and I am wondering, is this what sheemit is all about?

I know the answer is no and seeing people like you with such big power wanting to help the new people is a confirmation to that.

I hope more people with power decide to have a community approach and offer valuable assistance and support to the new members (to those who deserve it of course based on the quality and originality of their content).
I think common interest about the correct growth of this platform and most importantly its protection from spammers and people that don't respect the values of the community are vital elements for steemit to become a very alternative social platform and become a positive disruptor of this field!

I'd like to know what your opinion is and if you have any ideas on how to protect the correct growth of steemit.

Maybe my next story to share is no surprise to anyone.
Before arriving at steemit, I did not have a job, but if I worked independently to put my daily bread in my house, the days when I could not do it were lamentable because here everything was done over and over again. expensive, and employment in my country is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
I have always worked the cryptocurrency and one day out of the blue, a friend told me about steemit although they have the bad habit of associating it with Facebook, I was evaluating the page for a month because I always like to analyze what I do in my projects and finally I manage to decide enter today regretting not having entered the right time, but good decisions are made with time and especially with calm and I'm glad to have organized and not lose my personality with this new challenge that I put to life.
When I entered steemit I thought it was easy to enter and receive votes, but when I saw that it was not like that, ask why? And the answers were given by themselves. I had to work with codes and write my own blog, last 3 days in learning all the commands and organization of my post, however when I saw publication after publication it was somewhat overwhelming that I did not receive a vote, especially when some servers demand a TAG to be voted was really annoying and tired to reveal to me every night beyond losing my dream and not getting anything, I got good friends and above all one told me "do not give up keep doing post that at some point you voted" I delivered everything to steemit and overnight I got my first vote, seeing my first sbd motivates me to keep moving forward and every day I have improved my post form little by little.

Steemit helped me solve a part of my economic life, and although nowadays every time my country continues to increase prices I have tried to get many people to know steemit, it is a platform that should not be seen only as profits, but as a productive way of invest and evolve with it, steemit is the best network and profits are made by the investment of our time and above all it helps us at the same time to improve our lives and be more united with our colleagues.
If I had known steemit years ago today I was reaching out to many who need it as I have always done.

I only hope that one day the situation in my country will end in order to have the peaceful life I love so much, and I hope that steemit will flourish with time and become a perfect project for all of us who follow in his footsteps.

Greetings my friend, from Venezuela.

I can say the same for myself:

I started blogging a little more than 6 years ago.

I loved to write. Being young and ambitious then, I figured I'd be my own boss. I executed the whole "quit my job to follow a dream" thing then.

And so, I started learning how to market online.

And... I grew to hate it.

The past 6 years was a crazy roller coaster ride of ups and down... mostly downs.

I was so broke most of the time. I rarely went out on weekends because I couldn't afford to.

But you know what? This ain't a typical rag-to-riches story.

The fact was: I DID experience a ton of success back in my blogging/internet marketing days.

I made good money by promoting affiliate products and doing sponsored posts/email solo ads.

It felt great. Literally at the click of the mouse, boom! Money came in.

But deep down... it bothered the hell out of me.

Yeah, I hated it.

The affiliate products were crap. They were all rehashed garbage created by the top guys for their continuous launches they hold for each others' email lists.

And when I say 'created', I mean they outsource it! I could never abide by this as a writer. I love to write. To get someone else to write for you and then taking credit for it is really, really fucked up.

So yeah, I eventually stopped doing all this even though I knew it'd be a major dip in my income. I didn't care. I couldn't take it anymore.

That was when I learnt that if you want to succeed by doing what you love, you need to feel it EVERY step of the way.

And so, enter Steemit.

This is the first and only community I know of that allows me to write whatever the hell I want and get rewarded for it.

Oh, for sure, as we all know, it's not an overnight cure. It took me a while to build my following and to know others.

But nonetheless, I get to write what I want. And furthermore, this is a place where us people are not contrived. E.g. I get to say I love to write here because I love to write and you can see it in my articles. I am NOT saying I love to write just as a form of a passionate positioning to waylay the masses into thinking I am some cool dude ahead of them just so they can buy my shit.

I love Steemit. The boom last month was just insane for me.

My friends and naysayers at this point may think this is bullshit because it sounds too good to be true. But the fact is, I've been on the other side.

That side is true, but filled with masqueraded lies. Here? It's also all true, but at least, it's not contrived.

Whew! That was a mouthful.

Thanks for bringing this up @damarth

20171120_165210.jpgI'm a student and for the past year things have been not too easy, the tight economy with the increased work load from school (I'm a medical student). Because of that work load, getting a job that i can blend with everything has been really challenging so i was just barely surviving, didnt do well in some of my exams because of that. Then December came and a friend introduced me to steemit where as he said "you can make money for just writing and being creative". I thought it was a scam at first until i got to know it very well and now i actually make money to support myself and it doesnt take much time or energy. Working on improving my participation so i could make enough to even support my siblings. At least 20 SBD per week would make that possible for a start. I'm really greatful to steemit for this platform, i have a personal belief that the creators had people like me in mind when they made this a reality. Thankyou @steemit and also @damarth for making this post so testimonies like this dont just go unshared. And thanks to @outhori5ed for that first inspiring story. Steemit is really changing stories.

Thank you for your motivation.
your post this makes me amazed of your concern for fellow steemians. Here i will not tell too much about myself and steemit. Because my life is too bitter, for a physically handicapped it's hard to get support from good people it's a job or any other. Perhaps some people assume the physically disabled person is not worthy to be supported and considered a lowly person.

But with the steemit platform I am very grateful. Since I joined 2017 in steemit, the changes in my life are slowly getting better, I am greatly appreciated here. I started repaying all the debts of my life. The most special here, with the steemit I can help people who once gave me help. Step by step I learn steemit, I've learned a lot from steemit friends about this new technology. At least I already know about Cryptocurrency. for me personally, steemit is amazing. Sorry if my writing is too bad and difficult to understand. Once again thank you so much for @damart and all my steemit friends.

Congrats on 3000 followers but, probably more fittingly, congratulations on 3950+ followers, I imagine by tomorrow that will be 4000!

I loved reading @outhori5ed's post above. It's great to hear what brought everyone to Steemit and fantastic to see users like yourself sharing and rewarding those posts. Personally I found Steemit at a real low point. Towards the end of last year we were really struggling financially as we'd had a few unexpected things pop up. Add to that a website error that made our website tumble in the Google rankings for 3-4 months and of course the fact that my wife and I work together full time, and we had a bit of a perfect storm of worry inducing events. My wife and I were away for our 5 year anniversary, avoiding the shops because we had booked the holiday much earlier in the year not realising we'd have little extra cash for the usual holiday expenses. Anyway we both got a bit down about things before we decided we just had to do something to change our situation. I started digging into Crypto and came across Steemit.

I'm a big believer in the power of the universe and the timing of WHEN we found Steemit still strikes me as nothing short of Universal intervention. Everything about Cryptocurrency fascinates me, and has done since I looked into it for the first time. Being a photographer I have plenty of visual content but having an outlet for my writing has been fantastic. In the past month alone I've written over 30,000 words in articles! With the help of a few Steemians who have since become good friends I fairly quickly started gaining followers and got lucky with a curation upvote early on. That seed money allowed me to dabble with a bit of Crypto investing and actually pay off all of the outstanding bills we had been worrying about. In fact since that low point in November everything seems to have turned around, our website went back up in the rankings, enquiries and bookings came in thick and fast and we went from trying to catch up with bills, to being able to start to save.

Most of all it's made us both (my wife and I) more productive, we get out taking photos more which helps not only our Steemit accounts, but our profession as photographers too. It's allowed us to relax a little and it's re-invigorated our already strong faith in the Universe. I don't know what the future of Crypto holds, whether it's going to be the 'biggest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen' like I've read so many times. But what would be truly staggering is if crypto DIDN'T change the world. It's already kind of changed ours and I feel like we're only just scratching the surface of what this platform has to offer. I am equally convinced that 2018 will be the year of Steemit and the platform has all the more chance of doing that with people curating and creating great content! Looking forward to following your followers as they top 4k,5k,10k and beyond!

  ·  3년 전

hi @damarth , i am so glad to read your post here and have more confidence to believe the steemit platform will be bigger in 2018 just as you say 2018 will be a booming year for steemit blockchain and more and more people will share their stories or their thoughts with other people . i also learn a lot from this platform and get support from many friends like you . thank you again and let's pursue our dreams by using this technology platform. great job .

Let's see I do not know where to start from how Steemit has changed my life .. Surely you have to remember me. I am Venezuelan, Before knowing this platform I earned a monthly salary of 8 USD and what would I do to make it last a month? I was desperate. Now thanks to my effort and to my friends as you are, they have helped me to overcome my crisis now I work with cryptocurrencies besides Steemit. In espcial Steemit has helped me to excel as a person for it I owe my whole life and thanks to you also again I congratulate you for your 3000 that follow your success friend a hug from Venezuela.

By the way thanks to this platform in a few days I was able to buy some tickets and a vacation for my family on an island of my country called MARGARITA where I will give you a few days of rest thanks to this.

Well, @damarth, I was introduced to steemit not quite long but have heard people testimony and this always keeps me moving.
Am working hard to also have my spot light on steemit and hopefully i can also make steemit my full time job. With other people comment i read, I observed that @darmath have been very helpful to the community, we are all lucky to have someone like you in steemit community.


Don't worry @ifedolapo, things will work out just fine, i believe in the community.

@damarth, I sincerely appreciate this opportunity given to me to discuss my life changing story of steemit.
I happen to be introduced to steemit in my darkest hour. I finished my first degree in industrial chemistry last year. After my last paper, i started my clearance and discovered i had a missing script from my first year which i didn't know about.
Immediately i learnt about that, i bursted into tears, thinking of where to get the money to have a rewrite of the missing script. My parents were middle class and just finished finding all possible means to complete my final year project fund, even though it wasn't easy for them which i know, for this reason i couldn't call my parents. I kept thinking about this for days and later decided to sell my laptop and mobile phone. Fortunately, one of the people i told about selling my mobile phone happen to be a steemian, @gbenga, and he introduced me to steemit and advised me not to sell them. I listened to him and join the community. I was able to raise money for the exam and the rewrite was a success, in fact i came out with second class upper. Since then, anytime i take myself as a graduate, i remember steemit and this made me determine to give everything i have for this community to grow bigger.
Steemit made me a certified industrial chemist.

I dropped out from school because i didn't have money to further my education, but my life changed when i was introduced to steemit in September last year.

From steemit now, i'm back in school and i am very convinced that with this platform i will reach any height.

@outhori5ed actually says smart things, you did the right thing by selecting his comment and showing it to us


Thanks @stewardessa for this superb endorsement
I am humbled.

Wow. Congratulations to @outhori5ed and a big thanks to @damarth for your large heart.

I hope my story will help and inspire someone too.

I graduated 2015 from college and got inducted into my professional body in 2017 after two long agonising years..
My school just lost her accreditation, the implication is that we can graduate but cannot write our professional exams.. I had already planned my Life write from my fresher year that I'll leave school in 2015, start internship 2016, go for service in 2017 and start my M.Sc..

Beautiful plans you must admit but reality struck. I've been looking for a hospital to do my internship because now you must know someone who knows someone to help you see someone to help you lobby.. Nobody rewards merit in this part of the world again..

My expectations crashed and my desire to do anything was at the ground level. I have been to so many interviews but nothing was working. The disadvantage of waiting so long is that your Junior colleagues from the profession will come and meet; meaning the competition for space will be increased (survival of the fittest)..

I joined steemit just last week here. Information is powerful indeed. I didn't know something like this was in existence. I enjoy blogging a lot as it gives me a sense of purpose that I can actually be part of something global and I'm enjoying the adventure because I'm on my way to financial freedom too.
Steemit takes my mind from so many thoughts

Nowadays I sleep with joy, thinking of the next post to share that will touch someone's life or be of help to someone 😁

Though I've not started earning but I know it'll come sooner than later.

This delay has taught me a great lesson which is
" There are somethings in life that you can't control, live life and be happy because life must go on"..

I’m so thankful to be part of the STEEMIT community 😊

I didn’t just earn money but I also gained friends. It’s good to share thoughts to others and also learn from them.

I try to keep sharing and make good impact to others specially to the new members.

Cheers 🍻

Absolutely, Steemit changed our life.

When I first blogging in steemit, I absolutely think Steemit is great for blogging and sharing interesting content. Friendship on the steemit platform also looks more real compared to other platforms. For the past year I have been able to forge real-world friendships with people from all over the world thanks to Steemit. After amost one year blogging on steemit, many of my friends have signed up too. It's good to see their participation and growth on this platform.

Its a great investment story, but you have to predict the fact what if the steem price comes falling back down. How will the community adapt to this and will it survive something like that. So i don't want to be negative just saying don't invest everything in steemit. But i love steemit and i definitly put some of my money into it. I believe in steem, but you have to look it from both ways right?

Steemit has changed my life a lot, of course, many benefits in our lives everything. Here I can improve my life in society and I can also help my family. Here I also meet good people. And steemit has changed my behavior a lot in the field of honesty and learned to do good for everyone. I am very grateful to join here. I am very confident in the year 2018 people around the world will berbondong bandong open a new account. I would like to thank as many of them to the people who have given me a lot of support here. Hopefully steemit getting great for the future.

Excellent, your post and your story serve as inspiration for many people and that they can change their lives in a radical and favorable way.

For example, since I read your post I have had more strength and drive to continue working hard in my post; since you inspired me to restart my project in Steemit.

Thank you for sharing your experiences my dear brother @damarth

Wow ... .... hopefully with the follower 3000, then the more mature your account .. Tq

congratulations on your achievements that have earned the trust of 3000 followers. it is not an easy thing and I should give an appreciation. to attract the attention of other steemians is very difficult for me. where I have to work with good quality. but to make my post qualified should be demanded strong skills @damarth.

Thank you for this post. You rarely write, why? Do not have enough time?


Yes i miss time to post more often and i only post when i am inspired.


This is actually good, because there should be only useful content and pleasant for the readers :)


Amazing nice post..people cannot like me.please up vote on my posts.see my posts and resteemit ammar1


Do not need to ask upvot and resteemit!
If a person likes your post, he himself will find it, so it is not customary to do steemit


Stewardessa you doesn't no my feeling
If you doesn't no my feelings so please shut up your mouth
In my account I will be added many post but people doesn't give me vote so at that time I will be concentrated that talk the people my feelings so people can be voted me if you like my post so upvote

Really its an oppotunity we must work hard and support each other like Mr @damarth he is good person.

My story with Steemit its wonderful I just completed 2 months here I earn lot of friends that's the important not money, everyday I discover something new. Really I love to work on steemit 😍

So a while ago my fiancé @lauracody was listening to some music while making dinner and having some wine and then somehow the laptop got knocked over, fell to the floor AND a wine got spilled on top of it, here is an image of the water damage:

Luckily there is a repair shop very close so we took it there and while the repair guy did not make any promises he said he'd try his best to fix it. It turned out it was beyond repair which was bad because we need the laptop for our work.

Luckily I joined Steemit around that time and I started uploading videos to @dtube which got upvoted by @heimindanger which saved us from losing our jobs because we used the money to buy a new laptop!

I am now using my SBD to power up and invest into Steemit as I believe this platform has a lot of potential and I am so happy to find amazing new people like yourself on here every day who reward others so I want to thank you!

I agree with your statement "steemit is on story platform will change our life"....
So lets to get our dream in steemit...
Thank for you sharing @damarth....
Success is always for you @damarth...

I have followed, resteemed and upvoted...
Thank you @damarth....

My first time when I write in steemit is on July 2017. Honestly, I don't know how to operate this platform, but my friends teach me how to write good content. Day by day, I can increase my writing skill.

It's nice to join steemit because we can express all of our feelings

In the future, too, I plan to use steem as earnings, as long as a blog.

Things have really change alot for through steemit, i have been able to start up laundry business, clear my mother's debts and sponsor myself through college. I am forever grateful

I was having financial instability before I came across steemit. Since coming into this platform, I have been blessed beyond my imagination

  ·  3년 전

a short story from me,
I am very helpful to make ends meet my life after going down world steemit interesting once inde you @damarth

I am upvote and re steem because very funny idea story a short story from me,
I am very helpful to make ends meet my life after going down world steemit interesting once inde you

@damarth thx you for this post !!!! i folow you, visit my blog you welcome

iam new follower of you.... nice to know you mister @damarth... i hope your day always happy and can make it others around you happy too....

First of all thank you for sharing. I'm a college student. I'm studying computer engineering. Like every student, I have financial difficulties. I've been here for a month now. And immediately Steemit changed my life. And since the early ages there have been fascinating. I can get a motorcycle by myself. And thanks to Steemit, I believe that I can make this dream come true. Thanks steemit. @damarth

Nice post sir.I will also wait for your next post.Upvote and resteem done.

Thanks also to your @damarth that has been giving upvote in posts by me. I am very grateful the appreciation you. I just steemian small aspiring large and hope me to be successful in steemit to could be the author of great and also could share the story of my life in steemit. You'are the best steemian @damarth. I like you post @damarth.

Best regards @nafazul

all of your posts are amazing all of your conversions was amazing to read i like all of your post i inspired from you thanks for sharing this kind of amazing posts and congratulations for your 3000 followers you deserve it i am excited for your next post carry on great post upvoted and resteemed

I think too that in 2018 more people will join steemit , and this paltform will have more people and it will be recognized.

I just want to see what will happen this year , maybe steemit will be the most used platform . I'm so exicted. And I wrote an introduction post if you want to read it , feel free to check :

Steemit really changed a lot . From the way i perceived quality to how I felt about money. Its amazing that a platform like this exists to reward good efforts. As a professional photographer and writer I can now share my images and stories to a lot of people and get rewarded in the process.. I couldnt ask for anything more. Cheers

oh....very good post....

i like you boss😍😍😍😍😍

Thanks for sharing sir.Steemit made my life freer and courageous... @damarth

My Story was that of pains, after losing my dad and mom was struggling and Doing her Best, I really needed intervention financially, then steemit came. I now foot my bills.


Wow! Sorry about that, am glad you now foot your bills.
Steemit is the hope. Glad you are enjoying it

i am a new steemians....

I need Help

Another out of this wold post! I ABSOLUTELY love the Steemit Community! It is so VERY kind and helpful! It is truly the caring social network! Joining Steemit is one of the very best things that I have ever done for myself! People like you @damarth make Steemit is SPECIAL and GREAT! I'm encouraging my Family, Friends and Clients to join the Steemit Community! It is going to be such a PHENOMENAL year for the Steemit Community and it is so very well deserved! Thanks again @damarth for this GREAT post and all you do for the Steemit Community! You deserve 1,000,000 followers! I'm upvoting and resteeming! Warm Wishes! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Blessed 2018! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

a short story from me,
I am very helpful to make ends meet my life after going down world steemit interesting once inde you

@damarth Steemit is a really nice platform. I have been here for a month and there have been tremendous changes in my life both materially and spiritually. Financially ; I had to pay my credit card for $ 500, I got some money to give it. I learned spiritually a lot of new information. changing the way we look at the world. I love Steemit. And I want you to develop more..

Thanks for the interesting post and very beautiful for the consumption for us who are beginners and we always support each of your posts and we hope you can continue to motivate us this beginner is again thanks @damarth

Thank you @damarth I agree with your opinion, and I will continue to struggle to get what I dreamed for all this time. may we always succeed in this world of steemit.

good afternoon. I'll tell you how steemit affected my life. I'm on steemit not so long ago, because there's just no time, I have two jobs and a family. I registered for a long time. but the article began to write recently. until I really do not earn, because while I'm looking for a topic that will be close to me and people who will read it. but my wife inspires me, who started to earn a little here. I believe that everything is ahead and do not despair

@damarth you are really doing a awesome work because no one promotes others on their account but there are very few people like you who think about both really fella you ate doing wonderful work. I hope you continue doing this and help many people. This is really the reason behind your success in achieving 3000 followers really i think of you as inspiration ..... Lots of love from @sid9999

I agree with you @damarth. I also see that in 2018 more and more people are signing up for steemit. More people mean more opportunities to earn a living in the steemit world. That's what I see in the area where I live. I see you are so many followers. Maybe it's because you are a friendly person and appreciate plus likes to help new people in planting steemit. Have a nice day. Greetings from @toniesteem

Greetings and best regards @damarth. Happy to share with you ... I will always follow your blog. You are a great steemian ... I hope you visit my post, if you have time... I am upvote and resteem your post @damarth.

Postingan yang baik, terimakasih sudah berbagi.

Yeah mate ... first of all very congrats to you for your followers.. have been waiting for your post to come.....
Steemit has change my life. i was looking for a platform from where i can blog and earn some money through that, which i really found steemit to be the perfect on to do this, i just joined steemit this past month , but i am just too much combined with it that i dont think so that i have just been here for just only a month, it is just a family for me now, i have earned some bugs from steemit which i found to be helpful for a student like me for my personal expenses, and you have really helped me alot by upvotingsome of my comments.... Thanks mate @damarth....

I was jus introduxed to the steemit community some few days back. Initially i didnt believe the fact that one could be rewarded for constructing and posting quality and attractive articles. earning some sbd from your commenting on your 3000follower celebration made me believe that the steemit blockchain is real. since then i have always taken my time to make sure my articles are quality ones. I also told my friends about the steemit community . and most of them joined immediately. this community has also improved my research ability in recent times. so i must say that its realy lifechanging

I have been on steemit for a short time now though, just about two weeks, and what basically amazes me here is how i get to see many different contents , some motivational, life changing, creative drawings, awesome photographs and many more, i just love the level of fun i get on steemit
congrats @damarth

I am a student in the a university in Africa ,i am an online marketer ,but i now do steemit full time reasons being that it is one of the best platform online to make money .
I started steemit December last year,but i started earning this month
It hasnt been easy though ,trying to compose a unique post with a captivating content .

Steemit is a nice platform that has been of help to me just within the space of one month .
I can now pay off my debt now
I can now go for shopping and gets stuffs i really need
I love steemit and I pray it last forever

I salute very same @damarth because you very good and a lot of follower Yes then again I salute

And I would like Steemit to become an island of friendship in the ocean of hostility in 2018, which is now fostered between countries. In particular, I'm talking about Russia and the United States.

We are different and we are similar. And there is no hostility between ordinary citizens. Enmity is the best way to generate income for the government and owners of large capital.

Yes, Steemit is an economic game and social network. And it would be wonderful if she taught people mutual understanding.

Sincerity @damarth, when one needs knowledge where we learn to seek knowledge, when steemit can change a person's economy is where people seek knowledge about something that want to learn.

congratulations @damarth for the success and achievement of 3000 follewers in steemit ... I am a newcomer to the steemit community, and I am very happy to join the steemit community and also get to know great people like you. I really want to learn a lot from you and I will always follow your blog @damarth.

This platform is one the best ever I have ever encountered is also a life changer,as I have witnessed life experience in the life of my friends and I myself.since I join this platform,I have been able to afford my schooling materials with ease, afford my tuition fee and so many more.i am really impressed with your Post @damarth.Thank for this quality ,well drafted information.

Thank so much for you're vote in my last post ♥

I salute very same @damarth because you very good and a lot of follower Yes then again I salute

I am a student,now I am study in a university, I have also joined steem a few days ago. I realized in these days that Steem is a huge and great community, in which I started dreaming.
I do not have any money from home now, steem is too big for me and I think it's Facebook is much more popular @damarth

I was a broke young student trying to do many things to survive,was never good at writing any stuff but my friends introduced me to this platform boom!!! The great experience began. my success story started taking shape,it was in here i did my first writing, it wasn't that great though but i was happy i did it and many other communities here inspired me with great enthusiasm i started speaking with passion reaching places that i couldnt reach earlier my life changed automatically yet i know there are still more success story come.

our life is like a bank account: we don’t want to spend everything but we don’t want to be a miser and save every penny. we’re only young once, but, with any luck, we’ll also be old at some point. Plan on a career, but don’t let it overcome the rest of your life. Take care of yourself, but don’t make it an obsession. Save enough money so that we have enough for the future and for emergencies, but spend enough now to avoid looking back with regret.

This might the first generation of comments to do this so heres my take:

To you wholl read this in the future let it be known im so happy i found steemit, learned crypto and other cool tech advancement but the best part is always the people in it. Dont forget to connect to another person cos this is the age of no boundaries! ☺

steemit change my life! i am aware of this community when i knew about steemit through friend i realize that steemit can change my life! becouse there a lot of challenges come in life may be fianancial etc are main challenges!
now i join steemit is my career! through which i can familare with community!
thanks god to give this opportunity in my life!

I am a college student. I'm studying electrical electronics engineering. My exam colleague suggested me steemit. At first I did not believe. Then I joined as if it was known. Now I'm using a steem. And I was really pleased. Now I think I will find work immediately after I finish my school. I'm scared. well i have listened to my friends. I joined Steemit. I think you have another name. I feel it. Steemit got this fear from me. Steemit is really a great platform. Thank you steemit. Thanks Steemit users. Thanks for your support @damarth

I am a high school student. I am sitting
at home.
My father worked as a farm laborer. Thanks to steemit my life changed. Thank you very much for opening
open this site

I study at school. I am 15 years
old. I'm new at Steemit. A few days
ago people started listening to
Steemit's interest in an ID. I believe
it will change my life. @damath


It has already changed mine dear, God will help us

I am just a kindergarten teacher who has served 2 years or less. Our salary is minimal. for own needs alone is not sufficient.
a month ago i was introduced steemit by @safrijals, he said that the steemit that has been made by @damarth is a place to earn a living. Encouragement and motivation he always gave.
i am just a newcomer @damarth. Please guide me.
Thank you for opening the opportunity for all the stemians to earn a living through steemit.
thank you very much @damarth

where are you bro?
and your post

Greetings @damarth.nice to meet you ... i am newcomer at steemit ... congratulations on the achievement of 3000 more your follower. if you have time, I really hope you visit my first post ... I really want to learn a lot from you ... big my hope to be successful and can change my family life to be able to live better and prosper. I like your post.

I am upvote and resteem.

I am a lecturer and a steemians from indonesia, I am interested in writing anything and happy to share useful information, happy to interact

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I have heard steem from friends around July 2017, and tried to register, but I was not confirmed by steem, until 3 times I tried and at the end of December I became a member of steemit.
I am @saifuddin73, the new steemian from aceh indonesia, but i am very eager to wait for good post from the steemian, especially post from you, i hope you keep success, and wish to visit my blog @saifuddin73

i hope with steemit i can change my phone with iphone 7+

Great post my friend @damarth. This post very useful and amazing. you are a great steemian and I am very happy to share with you. I hope you also feel the same way that I feel ... I will always follow your great post @damarth. I like your post... I am upvote and resteem your post @damarth...greetings succes for you @damarth.

Greeting succes @damarth. Thanks for share information. I like your post @damarth, this post very interest and useful...allow me to share this post.

Steemit Changed My Life, I am so happy for you. I still remember the day you contacted me in slack and asked for my opinion about your writing. That day was the first change I felt about Steemit. I hadn't noticed you in Medium or the Choose Yourself FB page for some reason. And we had never talked. But your honesty and resilience plus your hard-working nature impressed me. I knew you were trustworthy especially after I requested your photos. It's been bad being cut off from this community while the hacker had control. That was the worst part of being hacked: disconnection from those I have grown very close to. I am so happy that you saw my post and were courageous to find this. You are really one in a million. I hope we can someday meet as that would be so fun. I'm glad I know you.



Did somebody named Damarth contacted you on slack? I don't have a medium of fecebook page what are you talking about?

best wishes @damarth. I'm happy to share with you. You are a great steemian and you are also very concerned with the other steemian. I will always follow your blog @damarth. Thanks for share information. I like your post @damarth.

I have been so downcast by life experience, that I got to the point I thought life had nothing else to offer, until I came across steemit which changed my life for ever..... I am really grateful.

I'll tell you how Steemit changed my life. So at first I found someone post about steemit on Facebook and I wonder what is Steemit? And I immediately signed up to find out what it was steemit but I should wait for the approval from steemit , I read the article article in steemit that was quite interesting and I was very surprised to see the potential payout of $ 1000 +, this is very surprising and I became very interested to join in steemit, I can not wait for approval!.

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.
Great stoy and good writing.i like your post and upvoted.
I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.
Thank you for this article.

Thanks your post @damart, yes steemit be a new hope to make a living let alone for the unemployed. I myself am also a new join in steemit I've felt its benefits. in 2018 I'm sure steemit will be great. in aceh-indonesia the development of steemit is very rapid and public interest is very high to have a steemit account and join the existing community of Steemit.

Steemit has changed my life a lot, of course, many benefits in our lives everything. Here I can improve my life in society and I can also help my family. Here I also meet good people. And steemit has changed my behavior a lot in the field of honesty and learned to do good for everyone. I am very grateful to join here.
Now it means a lot to me . It's really great platform and also gives me so much pleasure . I am happy to be here and be with you guys. Hopefully this 2k18 will boom and we grow up. Need to more emphasis about it .

Thanks to you come back again with a new twist topic . Good to see your post. Hope you will be regular keep posting here .
#Happy Steemians Wish you guys good luck and also best wishes for you @damarth Sir . Have a great day ! I appreciate you and your good mentality to help people and encourage us for growing up this community. You did well as usual. So kind man , @damarth

And at first I reacted with disbelief to Limitu. But now more and more like it. I want to improve my skills in photo and to learn English.

thank you for sharing with us, we always look forward to your arrival in steemit. once again teriamaksih.

I am very sure, steemit platform will grow rapidly , this is evident, even in my country indonesia, especially in aceh, people have started prospering their life with steemit presence, they are starting to leave other social media.
It seems real that they spend more time on steemit than facebook and more.

You know? In my country, work is very hard to get, every year many new scholars, but more and more unemployed.

But in the year 2016 up to now, with the presence of steemit, as if they were getting a great job, we boys in aceh, eager to thank, and we really hope steemit is much more developed.

In our opinion, if facebook does not move on? So get ready is defeated by steemit. Steep platforms are amazing, they have also been trying with youtube, still not producing more like steemit

Ever since I joined steemit, my finances have been turned around. @surpassinggoogle and @Damarth have been so supportive to me, thanks so much @Damarth for your goodness, I love you sir. Keep doing good.

Hi @Damarth, I originally thought that steemit is a portal where people write exclusively on the theme of crypto and crap. But I was hooked on the idea of ​​the site, where you can not only express your thoughts, share ideas and communicate with like-minded people, but also receive a reward for quality content.

Very good information, after I read the contents of your article I am more and more spirit to work in steemit. I just joined steemit, this is my first comment for you. Hope you can be a good friend in steemit. Thanks for sharing. Greeting,,,

visit my block @damarth

steemit has made me want to change not only in living and work ...

I am very happy to read it, and I am happy to follow you always here....

I'm happy for @outhori5ed and great job @damarth. Congrats! I hope we see more of such examples. All the best.

congratulations on achievement ... this is a remarkable achievement

keep friends sharing, this is a good post.

since there is this steemit platform many creators work freely and produce from his efforts as a creator in steemit. Steemit is very helpful for people in my country. I am sure this platform will last very long and now the steemit development is so fast all over the country, even to strengthen our steemit to make community community to introduce steemit to all of our society, because the poverty rate in our country is very big. With this platform the poverty rate will be reduced.

Keep Steem on ...

We have great plans with Steemit, come to our blog, we will be happy!

After I know steemit from my sister, I leave my twitter acount. I have more enjoyed on steemit then anothers social media platform. And now I promoting about steemit for the peoples in my neighbourhood.. Thank's steemit.

I believe steemit can change a lot of peoples lives and help to pursue their dreams thanks to amazing community and possibility to blog about anything you want. It's not easy and you need to work hard to get there. I'm also a newcomer and I've just learned about crypto (Not long before I thought it was a scheme or scam because news always lie about it and try not to let people get out of banks hands and centralised system that wants to control everything).
And It also started to change my life too, slowly but steadily and I can see that it's possible here to do what you always wanted to and at the same time get a steady income.

hello @Damarth perhaps I'll sign up for you and we'll send my friends also to advise.

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Very well written. One way or another, many people write about what happens in life, or simply to read a few years later about what was really worrying at the time. And they will smile at how petty problems were

As a student in a third world country things get really difficult. Hearing there is a social media where I could get rewarded for my contents was really interesting. I had no option, but Steemit looks like what I have been looking for. With Steemit, I can get funds for school.

Good afternoon my friend @damarth, very interesting post related to the future steemit challenges, especially in 2018 I as a newcomer in the steemit community would really hope to be successful and very confident that social media steemit will boom and develop in 2018 This
for example in our place in Aceh the development of steemit is very fast and encouraging is supported by curators who work hard to develop steemit, Although there are challenges in itself is the ban of cryptocurrency from Bank Indonesia but I am sure it will not result in decreased interest to become a new member of steemit I really hope support from all parties in order to grow in steemit specially from my friend @damarth, i hope steemit progress and boom in 2018 thanks and please permit me to share this post, thanks

Hello! Steemit has made a difference in my life too. Other than meeting new people and socializing, it has helped me improve my writing style in english (I used to write stories and poems mainly in greek). Through steemit I 've got involved in several communities, helped people get better and got help to get better myself. Not to mention that financially I have managed to make a complementary income (really important for the hard times Greeks face due to the economic crisis and the plunge in salaries)

maybe it's all in this steemit to earn a living, do not close the possibility of steemit can make big changes in this year the price is fantastic, hopefully steemit can make a significant change for the community to live more decent, i love steemit @damarth

Hi @damarth, I am Agustia from Indonesia, Aceh province. I knew #steemit a few months ago by @nazarashy. Firstly I thought #steemit was same like the other platform to write and share. Till I saw them got many rewards and still keep spirit to write , so I decided to wrote then. And I am happy because by using steemit I can know many influencer, such as writer, politician, activists, lawyer and etc. Here I can express my feeling, I can write what I want and the other people will appreciate what you write. I am thankful for my senior who has shared with me about this platform.

By the way, congratulations on your 3000 followers. I hope one day I can do the same.

postang nice friends, i will upvote and resteem your postang, please visit my friend's blog

postang nice friends, i will upvote and resteem your postang, please visit my friend's blog

Thanks, You are the best @damarth