A Salesman Came To My Door, I Told Him About Steemit Again

2년 전


A salesman wanted me to get an estimate for new windows. Well, I don't want new windows, cause the ones I have still work.

As for me I will keep things until they break and those windows he was pointing at were just fine.

Then to cut him off I asked if he liked to write, like in blogs.

He told me he remembered I tried to tell him that last time. As soon as he said that I did remember him. I even wrote a blog about him sometime last year.

I told him he looks more relaxed now than the first time I seen him. Maybe he is getting better at sales.

Then I told him about the Steem Power I have been accumulating. I also told him that at first he won't make much, but to keep on writing everyday.

He told me that he was too busy to write and that he had to go.

I told him I hope he would look at the Steemit website one more time.

Than we said our good byes.

He did look more interested the first time I told him. I found out that he didn't even look at the site.

Of course I would like more and more people to get on Steemit. We all have a story of some kind.

We might as well write out our stories and get rewards for it.

I remember when I was first told about Steemit. I was told that I could make rewards by just making comments.

Well I liked that idea. I make comments on Youtube all the time.

So I signed up with Steemit. It took about three visits to the site before I actually signed up. The first two times I just couldn't get in.

I just wanted to make comments and not write blogs, but after awhile I thought, why not try it out. I would just write something small.

So in the beginning I would write something here and there. Then I read a blog that I should write everyday. Well that became my goal. So here I am now writing almost everyday.

So God willing I will keep on writing and if I get another salesman at my door I will mostly always try to sell him on Steemit.

If nothing happens because of it, I can at least write about it in another blog.

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Thank you, David.
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Maybe next year he will finally try it!


Yes, maybe next year. Thank you Paul!

hello friend. I see from the comment field you are a lot of friends from Indonesia is the character of someone who is familiar with the feelings of people outside the region ... you are a good karna want to understand about other people the low level .. a friendship from @ fauzan11


Thank you so much @fauzan11!

So.. Who's the best marketer?


There is a guy named, Oren Klaff, he wrote the book called, Pitch Anything. In my book, he would be pretty much up there for the best marketer. Check out his book. It's amazing.

Thank you @hafizolgafur!

Thats really nice! Another way to tell people about Steemit :) Keep it up!

Buen post, @david777111, tienes razón en steemit hay que tener constancia para ver los resultados.

Maybe he has also worked well.
Continue to work @David777111

Good night best friend @david777111
Amazing post


Oke best friend @david777111

Hello friend, I liked your conversation with the seller and what most struck me was that you motivated him to steem good intentions blessings @david