Democrat Governors and Mayors Are Causing The People To Get Angry 5.24.2020


So I am here in California and our governor is causing the people to get angry and they want to work and he won't let them work. They want to go to the beach and he won't let them go to the beach.

There are other governors in other states doing the same thing. There are even mayors with the same agenda. And the people are getting angry.

Well, people have memories and they will remember what is going on today, when President Trump wants to open it up, but the Democrat leaders want to keep it closed down.

Well, if people can go to Walmart, how come they can't go to a small mom and pop business? If people can go to a liquor store, why can't a person go into a sit in restaurant? You see the people are questioning the deep state agenda and that is a good thing.

The Democrat leaders say only essential things can be open. Well, aren't all business essential to the people? We have garbage pick up on the side of the road, but we can't go to the dump yard and get rid of stuff.

President Trump told us to open up the places of worship. Well, even Democrat leaders are doing the agenda of their handlers and not doing what President Trump wants them to do.

I did see a church open today and a lot of cars there, so they are defying the governor, that is good, as I have a funny feeling that the governor won on the dead people vote and of course dead people are not allowed to vote.

Can you imagine that abortion clinics are essential? I mean doesn't the person doing the abortion on the woman have to touch the woman? So no social distancing there.

And doesn't the person that is doing the abortion have to take those tongs and rip out a limb of the baby and then go in again with the tong and rip out another limb, then crush the spine of the baby, then pull it out? Next to crush the head of the baby and bring that out? Of course I think that is murder.

Yet, the Democrat leaders say it is essential.

I think it would be essential to tell the mom that they are going to rip the limbs off the baby, then crush its spine, then crush its head and pull it all out with tongs.

Then they take those baby pieces and sell them on the open market and some will end up in the next vaccine. They do put aborted babies in vaccines. How terrible that is.

Maybe if someone will tell the mom of this baby that will be aborted that this is what will happen to her child. She may even change her mind about the procedure. Well, that is what I believe anyway.

So the people are getting angry with these Democrat governors. What do you think? Will their actions cause President Trump to win in a landslide? Well, I do know that he will win as I believe the Mark Taylor prophesy that President Trump is a two term president.

I do look forward to election day.

Let's end with a scripture, When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2.

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