My Mom's Seedlings Of The Brandywine Tomato

3년 전


I haven't worked on my seedlings yet, but mom has some of her's going. I like the Brandywine tomato. Mom is using seeds of a plant that was given to her years ago.

I think it was when I took mom to a talk of this woman that counsels people on how to utilize their backyard to grow food. Well, this woman also gave away a consultation visit as a prize at her talk.

Not only that, but this woman also gave everyone a seedling of a Brandywine tomato. So mom is using the different generations of that seedling that was given to her those years ago.

Mom even won that consultation prize and when the woman came over to mom's, she told mom that she was utilizing her backyard the right way to growing food in the backyard and gave her a few suggestions of what she might do.

At one time mom used to have as much as a hundred tomato plants at one year. My mom is older now so she is growing less tomato plants. Also we are still on water restriction, so she will still have tomato plants, but not as much as she used to grow.

Those Brandywine tomatoes are big tomatoes.

I have a little story of moms tomatoes. One time she visited this lady she used to clean house for. Well when she stopped cleaning houses, she gave that lady a bunch of tomatoes that she grew. Some of them were Brandywine and the other was Cherokee Purple.

Well anyway, this lady that mom used to clean her house for used those tomatoes in her tomato sauce and she canned it. Well, this lady's family would ask what she did different this time in the tomato sauce for it had a different taste that they liked.

Then this lady would say, I canned them they way I always canned them. Then she mentioned that the woman that used to clean for her, that would be my mom, gave her the tomatoes that were grown by her.

So that was the special ingredient that improved her tomato sauce. I took mom to see that woman sometime ago and I was there as she told mom and myself that story.

Well, home grown tomatoes are always a lot better than the stuff I buy in the stores.

I better start with my tomato seedlings as mom has a head start over me.

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