My Use Of Lawnmower Clippings And Leaves As Mulch 5.28.2020

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Yes, when I mow my lawn I use the lawnmower to pick up the leaves too, along with the grass clippings. Well, I see a lot of people throw those leave and grass clippings in the yard waste container to be picked up later. I don't even have yard waste on my garbage bill.

So what I do is dump those leaves and grass clippings that the lawnmower picked up and dump them under one of my backyard trees.

In the picture you can see the trunk of my nectarine tree. I put some of the leaves and grass clippings under this nectarine tree. I use those leaves and grass clippings as mulch.

One good thing about this mulch is that it can hold moisture longer than if there were no mulch at all. That is good as California can be a dry place and water does come with a price.

Another good thing about using mulch is that it attracts the worms. Yes, I keep on adding more leaves and grass clippings and it stays at about the same level over time.

So what is going on? Well the mulch is breaking down and the leaves and grass clipping are turning into a mud like substance with worms in them. So the mulch keeps on breaking down and becomes part of the top soil.

Another good thing about using mulch is that it is good weed control. So I do pick other weeds and throw it into the mulch also. It will break down and add a lot of minerals to the soil and it will hold moisture.

In the picture you see the watering also. Yes, I water it and know that the mulch will hold its moisture.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again. Ecclesiastes 3:20.

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