So How Can They Cheat An Election By Mail Ballots? 5.27.2020



So Q wants us to look at how they cheat with mail ballots and President Trump wants us to vote in person with ID. So let's look at how it is easy to sway an election with only mail ballots.

You see the trouble is in its start. Let's say that Newsom is going to send everyone a mail ballot. Everyone? Even dead people that have still not been cleaned off the voter rolls? Even people that have moved several times since the last election? Even illegals that are not supposed to vote?

OK, so now picture all these ballots going out to all these dead people and people that moved and illegal people that are not there now. What happens to what they call the undeliverables, or the return to sender mail?

So whosoever sent them out will now have all those return to sender undelivered mail. Well, now you sure have a lot of ballots to sway an election this way or that way.

Did anyone ask, What happens to those ballots that got sent out and then returned to sender by the Post Office? You see that is the question. Who is to now stop them that have all these return to sender ballots, from filling out those undelivered ballots and then turn them in? Sounds like a pretty good way to cheat doesn't it?

Now that is one way to cheat, I am only using my imagination on how it can be done, if not this way maybe another way.

Now let's look at what President Trump is talking about, in person voting with ID. Well what is the problem? I know it will solve the problem of dead people voting.

Pelosi says, No American should have to choose between their protecting their health and exercising their right to vote. Well, how many of you went out to the grocery store since March 13th? Now, you went out to the store and what happened? Did going to the store cause you to get sick and die?

Well, if you went to the store let's say several times since March 13th, 2020 and still did not get sick and die, what makes you think that you will get sick and die, if you go and vote showing your ID?

Well, I will tell you who made you think that, it was Pelosi that was one of them that told you that you will get sick and die. It was the propaganda news machine that let you think that you will get sick and die, if you step outside your door.

Yet, we have gone outside in the light of the sun and we did not get sick and die. How many times did I go to the store and I did not get sick and die. How many times did I go to my credit union and I still didn't get sick and die. How many times did I go to the gas station and pick up the gas nozzle with my bare hand and still I didn't get sick and die?

So why not go to the voting booth and vote with your ID or do you still think you are going to get sick and die? Weigh it in the balance and judge.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, To do justice and judgment more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice. Proverbs 21:3.

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