Sunset Through The Trees 2.25.2020

2개월 전


I just walked out and took this picture. My phone seems to pick out certain spectrums of the color of light. Well, that is good as I know that light is a blend of different colors.

It was a hot day today and tomorrow will be of triple digits heat of 105 degrees F. Well, I don't like it when it is too hot. Well, That heat is hot enough to kill any coronavirus for sure.

Hopefully everybody in the area will be fully hydrated. I remember when a friend of mine stayed in her room and sweated a lot on a triple digit hot day.

Well, she lost so much sweat and electrolytes that she found herself in the hospital with her daughter holding her hand and she didn't even recognized her daughter. Her memory came back, but that is really dangerous to be in so much heat and get dehydrated with a great loss of electrolytes and I guess that will effect the brain too.

That is why I like to eat pink Himalayan salt with water in times like that. I know that some people don't like to drink water, but if you would put a pinch of pink Himalayan salt in your mouth, you will want to drink more water.

I read that in the old western days they used to put a silver dollar at the bottom of a water container to keep the water fresh. Well, I just might try that sometime. I think it is the silver that kills germs and viruses.

I have heard that when triple digit heat comes some people die. Maybe it is the older folks that don't drink enough water and the heat cause them to sweat a lot. That is why it is good to have some fans to cool off oneself.

In my own house I always have a lot of fans to beat the heat. Also if it gets too hot I may even put the air conditioning on. Well, that will only happen every once in awhile.

Well, I did enjoy the sun going down with all its colors.

Let's end with a scripture, He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down. Psalm 104:19.

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Image is mine, taken with my Moto G.

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