Envy a very bad character: Envy delights in killing (Part II)

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Dear Steemian,

Envy enters the mind because of the fear of being superseded, this is the greatest characteristic. Therefore it kills the one who is superseding. Sometimes the man is maimed or, at worst, he is rendered useless for the rest of his life. In this way he is permanently eliminated from his position of pre-eminence.

The motive which lay behind the purge of the top community leaders during a time in our country was the fear of the leaders being superseded by the younger ones, which lead to premature retirements of many workers could be the result of envy and hatred, they are given compulsory premature not because they are not qualified to be in that office or position but because of hatred and envy.

Several years ago, a women who was well trained and she is from noble family got married to man who was himself a noble person and who was already married to another lady. The man, therefore, had two wives. In time, both gave birth to children, a boy each. The son of the first was older than that of the second wife. The man had a lot of landed property. The second wife, knowing that in the event that the man should die, the older son of the first wife would have a larger portion of the property and thereby deprive her son of a good portion from the said husband property, hatched a plan.

One day when the children were away to school, the younger wife prepared two types of meals. One plate of meal looked more alluring than the other, but it contained poison. The other, was a dry meal. When the children returned from the school, unfortunately, for the second wife, she was not at home. The younger son, the child of the second wife, went and took the plate with the alluring meal. The older son took the other plate. The younger son ate poisoned meal. He collapsed, when the mother came and discovered that what she intended for another child had been eaten by her own son, she burst into tears crying, ‘I have hurt myself.’ She took his son from the floor running outside to find help, but it was too late, the son eventually dead.

Envy! This women never had any other child again until she passed away a few years later. That is what envy does. It kills the one superseding, despite the fact that she lost her only son, she was ejected from the home as too, she later remarried, even though she might have been leant from her past mistake, but there was no second chance for her again, she never had any other child till she passed away. There are many similar cases of such; whereby envy succumbs to the fear of being superseded and that begins to plan to kill.

In Conclusion; when someone has what you have decided to have, don’t let that lead to envious, you will also have what others desire but they have it not; it is life, you do not have to say anything to be envious. You can be dump mute and yet be envious. Envy would show on the contours of your face, an envy is something that arises from the within you and then your heart begins to burn. Be very careful of Envy! Because envy delights in killing. It cannot stand competition, don’t make yourself believe that no one has right to have more than you have, always remember; “when someone has what you have decided to have, you will also have what others desire to have but they have it not” don’t let that lead to envious, keep thriving to have more and more. You are not him/her and verse versa, be yourself.

Thanks for stopping on my post.

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really good post and useful for those who read it. Greetings dear to stemian all.

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