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Hello Steemians ,

Today I am going to be talking about Gambling .....



So will just have out with it .

I was a gambler and my mindset was not very clear it was always a way out from general every day crap and its not true I could type forever about what I did how I did it and even HOW MUCH did I spend .... (a lot!! enough to put me in a lot of debt ) risking loosing my home, not having enough money to feed my family of five . among all that I became in myself arrogant lost interest in what was best for everyone around me , I truly did loose everything and most of all I LOST ME ... all over thinking I could win another few £'s .

so today I am going to write about help with Gambling Addiction .

I generally takes about twenty one days to break a habit or to develop a new habit ,

I focus on trying to develop new habits rather than trying to break the old ones because when you focus on the POSITIVE it overrides the NEGATIVE ,


So once again I want to tell you that gambling is a BIG FAT lie and further more I also believe that you can completely break yourself free of that.

Gambling is one of the worst ADDICTIONS that a person can have in fact they same statistics if you go online and look at them the suicide rate is the highest among all the other addictions.


I was at a point in my life that a few years ago i would contemplate those thoughts too .

And I am glad that I didn't think along those thoughts too long because whatever you think about


Gambling is a big lie - And you should repeat that to yourself - GAMBLING IS A BIG LIE .

I know that because I have lost thousands of pounds £ on gambling I started gambling when I was younger and I struggled for many years as a matter of a fact clears throat I'll tell you a bit about me
On on a daily bases I got to the point I would Cry every single day Loosing a months worth of money in just a week and I'll tell you, If you have been in those positions, you know exactly what I am talking about here IT HURTS IT REALLY DOES HURT..


If you wanna quit gambling or something that has such a VICE that has such a grip on your life, first of all you have to want it you really do have to WANT it,

If you don't think about that, If you don't want it its not gonna happen , your gonna keep trying and trying and your sub conscious is gonna take over and cause you to go in that direction continuously, You have to be AWARE of your thoughts and aware of how you are talking to yourself and One way to begin thinking about this break through is you have to start Telling yourself that your no longer a gambler - Even if you fall and even if you gamble even if your in front of a slot Machine pressing on the button, throwing the cards and rolling the dice Keep telling yourself your not as Gambler - Keep saying it and when you get home go straight to the mirror look into those eyes of yours tell yourself, I'm not a gambler I don't know how to gamble,

You will become what you think about



And if you believe that your no longer that person going into those places or even online you will become what you think.

How do I know that it works your asking ???

Because I made a decision and I said , you know what I would never look at that or step onto those floors into that area as a matter of fact I don't like using the word, C.A.S.I.N.O in my vocabulary
I hardly ever talk about it - Let me share this with you,
Have you ever heard the word Out of sight Out of mind ?

prentending to forget those things
If something is out of mind - its gonna be out of your sight, That's exactly what you wanna do with that BIG FAT lie called G.A.M.B.L.I.N.G and once again I believe in you,

You have to develop the courage you have to develop the boldness to combat the enemy because it is an enemy and one that you cannot see, and I believe just as well that I have been able to break myself completely free - I save my money, and with the help of family/friends I use it more wisely
And I will Bounce back when I got burned by those places That I don't even want to use that word anymore in this Blog because Gambling is a BIG FAT LIE...


You can go to councilors , you can go to therapy you can go to meetings if you want to personally I do not believe in any of that or in fact Not saying I don't believe in any of it just personally did not think I needed it in my life, I didn't need it to break free, What I did was make one decision and started Educating myself to speak up and tell somebody tell somebody what is going on

AND TALK TO MYSELF AND TELL MYSELF exactly the type of person I wanted to become , Let it sink in , read it every day let what I wrote sink into your head, keep the words BIG FAT LIE in your head and that you CAN break free from it anytime you want to just by making that decision . until it sinks deep into your sub conscious break that paradine that has been holding you back and

FORCING YOU to go into those places.

Its not as hard as you think my FRIEND remember that it is not .
There is work involves here and if you are WILLING to do this.

Get a piece of paper and write on that paper ( The person that you truly want to become) and read it to yourself as much as possible put it in your pocket -wallet - make copies of it put it on a mirror, your fridge a place that you look at every day and read it, because what your gonna do is your going to FORCE these things into that area of your mind and your going to CREATE some positive habits.


tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT!

I believe in you, Believe in yourself you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself do it for you ...



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Much love Dee


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