I still insist that steemit needs exposure in Africa!!

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During one of the lectures for an economics course I'm taking this semester, the lecturer asked the class a very interesting qeustion. "Who has heard of crypto currency and what can you tell us about it?" The silence that followed after would make you think the holy spirit was amidst us. Out of all the 100 students present(i included),only one girl managed to raise her hands and explained that it was a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange to secure financial transactions . Mind you by that time I had already signed up on steemit and was awaiting my account approval. Then it hit me, people where indifferent and ignorant when it came to the topic of crypto currency.Have you ever ever taken time to wonder the number of people on earth who have no clue about Steem? I can guarantee you that the larger number is most probably from Africa. Why? In my opinion, when bitcoin which was the first cryptocurrency was introduced, it discouraged most people who might have been interested because investing in it was inevitable. From there onwards when the topic came up mostly around the youth, it was brushed away as a thing for the older and those where earning money from real jobs. This inturn created a bias against cryptocurrency which currently hinders awareness for the Steem Blockchain in Africa. I am a living example because I found out about the platform luckily when I was scrolling down the comment section of a certain YouTubers channel a month ago and landed on @elsienjoroge's comment where she was talking about steem to the few who would see it and take it seriously. Before that, I had never heard about steem and I was shocked it had been up and running for more than two years.

This makes you wonder how many times people will be be exposed to the steem Blockchain accidentally. I truly believe convincing people to join steem is not an issue because it is a hint of Instagram and YouTube but with a payout and no investment.I try to do my party by convincing any family and friends who are willing to try it out and posting on my socials when I have time but that's as much as I can do. It won't even reach a quarter of the population. I write this post to encourage each and everyone one of you to tell a friend to tell a friend to a tell a friend, because it is our role to create awareness to the clueless. At least post on your WhatsApp , Snapchat, Instagram platforms atleastst twice a week or more and with pictures of proof that whatever your telling them is true. I believe that steemians are posting content on steem daily and so I urge you to take a Minute or two to tell others about the platform.

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