Monday Night Ramble: Would You Like to Make a New Start?

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It being the start of a new year, many people are contemplating change and possibly a new direction for their lives.

The question in this post title was asked in a group I belong to (not related to Steemit) and I thought I'd explore it — and its ramifications — a bit further.

Are you feeling LUCKY? A 4-leaf clover in our yard...

A Life of Constant Change

I realized — as I was trying to answer my friend's question — that I have already made more "new starts" than I care to think about. And so, the way I look at this question has changed, over the years.

Yes, I would possibly like to make a "new start," but more than that I would like for anything I might start to end in something other than disappointment and/or failure.

Not so sound overly melodramatic here, but one of the things I have managed to do in my 58 years on this planet is mostly choose and act with what I consider "right action," and that has definitely been a journey of discovery. Alas, mostly discovering that what makes me feel happy and fulfilled seems to be of very little value to anyone else.

Although that's not entirely true.

A lot of times we do things or dedicate our lives to helping and serving in ways that are greatly valued... but are at the same time expected to be free.

Nothing inherently wrong with that, either... except for the fact that we happen to live on a planet where most things tend to "cost" something.

Autumn leaves and sun

..."But It'll Look GREAT on Your Resumé!"

It reminds me a bit of my earlier days in the writing biz where publishers would gush over my allegedly "excellent" contributions... until I would mention that I expected to be paid for them, at which point the tone changed to "at this time we cannot pay contributors... but publishing with us will look GREAT on your resumé!"

Just to reiterate, this is not an invitation to a so-called "pity party;" rather it's an exploration of the realities of life, as we have to face them... and hence insight into how to answer my friend's question.

And that answer gradually takes the form of "Yes, I would LIKE to make a new start, but I can't AFFORD to, and I don't have the time OR energy to do so, at the end of 'doing what I must' in order to simply survive in the world."

And so, the question is a nice hypothetical to bounce around as an intellectual exercise, but I can't see a way to really functionally apply it to the life space I currently occupy.

Ironically, there was actually a time where it looked like this very venue — Steemit — might provide just that "headroom" to give myself a fresh start... when Steem was $3+ but those days are sadly gone.

Where will this road take us?

Realities and Dreams

Back when I did entrepreneurial consulting — mostly talking to burned out software developers who dreamed of starting "something" on their own — one of the unpleasant parts of my job was to try to gently break it to someone that their marvelous dream was just that — a marvelous dream — but it would not be commercially viable.

One of the interesting things about planning entrepreneurship is that it sometimes leads to the epiphany that our dreams, ideas and aspirations stand quite apart from that "sweet spot of normalcy" that typically leads to commercial success. Then you face the dilemma that even if you do your very best at something, it's total market potential might only be $20K a year... and can you really live out the life of your dreams on that?

Or do you have to work at something else so you can fund your dream in your spare time?

These are important questions to ask, when considering whether or not you CAN make a new start, regardless of whether you want to, or not.

Thanks for reading!

Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!


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Well to answer your question, I would happily cope with $20000 a year doing something I enjoyed.

It'll Look GREAT on Your Resumé!

Not sure where I stand on this. Somewhere between 'yes, you are right', and 'I don't give a shit about my Resumé, I want food in my fridge today!'.

I do expect STEEM to move up again, whether it will rest at a price that fits the living requirements of many (based on their av. earnings) is yet to be seen.

Are you still on the lookout for work, found something yet? Sorry, I've asked this question without a look through recent posts.

Have a good day!


A new start is ok, but making it count that is more important. People starts and talk about new things..but in their endeavour they stray focus what you need is more important than..just doing a formality by making hue and cry about new starts....

Well currently I can relate myself as I am in middle ..of new start and target....switching my salaried job to start something own....hope I make it count.

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I’ve worked too hard to want a fresh start. Yes, there are things I want to change and I’m working on them. While it would be nice to only do what you want in life. It makes doing the things to pay the bills worth while knowing you are trying to create opportunity for something better down the road one day. Even if that opportunity won’t fully cover the cost of living just having more breathing room is a welcome sight in life. So many people seem defeated in life and often times they have given up on trying to create that dream and have settled for whatever pays the bills.

Yes most things take money in the world today, but the more we focus on the little things that bring us happiness, the more happiness comes our way, thoughts become things and we attract what we are thinking about and that includes a new start. - great post, thank you

These are important questions to ask, when considering whether or not you CAN make a new start, regardless of whether you want to, or not.

Like yourself, I've made more than enough 'new starts'. (I'm not far behinfd you, age wise - and maybe it's relevant)

What I found asking myself, while reading your post was something slightly different, but very much connected.
Is it more to do with seeing fresh starts? As in being able to see them?

The reason I say this, is because I've found my 'passion' to see new things, , and hence new angles, has definitely diminished as I've gotten older.

It's hard to make fresh starts if you don't see the opportunity to make afresh start...

happy new year, btw!.... if I haven't already said it...
....memory is going to....)

"But It'll Look GREAT on Your Resumé!" Who is going to read your resume if you have never had a paying gig?

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