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Thanks again, I enjoy a lot ... so a new adventure .. And you?

Thx again, I enjoy a lot... today I have to go for work to Poland.. so a new adventure.. And you?

Happy holi ...Are you in GOA??

  ·  4년 전

wow amazing video this

super video tnx for share..

Enjoy your life great video I like it @dennisschroeder
I have a good day
I love this kind of life


I like this video amazing 😍😍

Wow this Video is Really Amazing Super Great and I like Super Dancing Video, Life Is Soo Beautiful 😍

indeed life is too short to be unhappy enjoy it to the fullest

In reality life is too short to be in any way miserable appreciate it without limitations.

Amazing video. It affects its brightness and how people live full life. We should all take an example from them. Thanks for the positive post @dennisschroeder

Appears to me that you folks had some good times on holi day.. when we watch your recordings we feel appreciated as well. long time youtube supporter.

@dennisschroeder, Yep...... Enjoy your life is glorious video. Lot of beautiful color mixing of Holi art created. This is a best selection. Life want to be enjoyable.

Have a nice day!!!

this is a good video of dance.this dancer enjoy her life of is a super dance for good is,every people should be enjoy her life.i am really enjoy my life to see your nice keep all people mind fresh.thank u very much for your good dance post.dear friend.. @dennisschroeder

100% like and resteem

nice place to enjoy. our life range is so short. so we should enjoy all of our moments. thank you lot.

stunning video, upvote and resteem your post. @ dennisschroeder

Imagine this whole world dancing like in your video. Earth globe would explode with Light!

Thanks for sharing positive energy!:)

this is a decent video of dance.this artist make the most of her life of is a super move for good is,every individuals ought to be make the most of her life.i am truly make the most of my life to see your pleasant keep all individuals mind fresh.thank u especially for your great move post. @dennisschroeder

Amazing holi shot video. I love it much. Thanks for sharing.

A great video, it has so much energy and joyful moments that I want to be there and stay for a long time :) Thanks @dennisschroeder

Woop....Such a fabulous and stunning music video @dennisschroeder.
Actually excellent.

amazing video.and i watching to your video.and this is so enjoyble.

Hello @dennisschroeder,

Extraordinary good dance & incredible article. Enjoy our lives.


  ·  4년 전

Nice music video & wish you a happy life too

Life is so beautiful. . We should enjoy our life. We have to make our life happier. . Wonderful video dear @dennisschroeder i'm excited by watching these video

really nice video

love this tnx for share

This video really nice sir

Wowww, An amazing video!!!!
this is how we should enjoy the Life. . . . Thank you @dennisschroeder for sharing an awesome video
Stay blessed

wow.. seems to me that you guys had great fun on holi day.. when we watch your videos we feel enjoyed too. long time youtube follower.

thank you

This is a wonderful vedio. Hellow sir,your all post are great. your voting power is good,please upvote me.i am a very poor man......

I really like it, the first video alone can be as perfect as this, then the next video will be more amazing. Thanks for giving us an exciting video show.

What an amazing video. Life is so beautiful . So enjoy every moment.
Keep posting @dennisschroeder.

Wow Excellent post....
will done........Thanks for sharing

we should really enout life

Good post, good luck and have a good day :)

@dennisschroeder - Sir beautiful video & enjoy your life too well Sir...


This is really superb and Dam that's really good. Awesome video man.

fUNNY!! LOvely cool music video @dennisschroeder

Wow Excellent video

wow this gives a great message and a nice video live life to the fullest who has seen tomorrow this is the moment we have to live in :)

i like your enjoy you and your all family members. Thanks for sharing nice video.upvote for resteemad

wow! really amazing video this super. i like this video. thanks for share.

I enjoyed seeing the beautiful video

Wow....... amazing video!!!!
this is how we should enjoy the Life.
Thank you @dennisschroede

Wow that's awesome video! It looks like a holly celebration!


Wow that is so beautiful to watch our life is meant to be enjoyed great post bro

Incredible video this is the best thing to watch today lovely :)

it was great to enjoy nice holi fun loads of people celebrated it

Great way to enjoy the day i just got an idea on how to spent the day in the most beautiful way

its sounds really great the people were enjoying the time so nice :)

life is beautiful this is very nice great video its so nice :)

life is awesome this video is great it made me happy super happy :)

Great way of enjoying up with friends in this holi festival wow

Great to see you dennis we all are good hope you are doing good too

wow this is really amazing

Thx again, I enjoy a lot... today I have to go for work to Poland.. so a new adventure

Enjoy Your Life Too
Excellent video~

Yes buddy we do have to enjoy our life as we do have a limited time ;)

Liked the video buddy !

Amazing edits buddy !

Thank you so much sir for sharing this amazing video. Its very awesome. We all should enjoy our life. We all should enjoy every moment of life.

this is wonderful video.this video impressed to me.@dennisschroeder
have a great day my boss.@dennisschroeder

Wow this Video is Really Amazing Super Great

hank you so much for share with us

Thx again, I enjoy a lot... today I have to go for work to Poland.. so a new adventure.. And you?

nice holi shot, very enjoy moment

happy for each day!!

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very nice video.

Wow. Very beautiful photography sir. I am you biggest fan sir. You are really awesome sir. I love your Charity sir. You really doing a great work sir. Thank you so much sir for sharing with us.

Enjoy your life great video I like it @dennisschroeder

Just amazing !!

enjoy your life..

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wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote.....

I saw this video. And Yes I enjoy my life.

Wonderful fest.Thanks for sharing.

it's so cool... 😍

Dear @dennnisschroeder I need only 300 SP to grow up.. Can you please give me these? I will back it in next 60 days to you. Will you help me? :)

This is the awesome video. Thanks for share.