Understanding Why? Believing in the Time and Space of things.

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Let's start realizing the value that every daily situation us contributes, the abundant earnings and lessons that every second drives us to be more versatile, more capable, trusting and believers in whom everything what we dream and plan this one obtains every instant more nearby. Gigantic and firm steps! That exist abundant and perfect benefits in every second of life, let's be wise to understand that we do not stop learning in every inhalation and exhalation, I invite them to give a brief pause to be invested a few minutes to deal, to be grateful and to value. Without giving him place to known phrases since " I Lost my time " to the constant mistake and temptation of thinking in " Because I did not do that one instead of this ", " That had happened ".

Questions that with total certainty me the presumption will take of saying to them that they are unnecessary! Let's make pleasant in moment to summarize, that to look behind is a sensation of satisfaction, and pride without judgments. That ours interior I say to us with firmness I am in the time and perfect space, that every experience for mas adverse that has seemed to be alone has come to allow me to strengthen behaviors and attitudes that stimulate me to follow forward, that should flood our spirit, mind and heart of anxiety happy to know that it provides us next minute, to feel healthy anxiety of which it will act of the best way and for ende will deserve the following and gratifying benediction that hotly I want to continue living through them.

Let's renew our way of seeing the Life, with Attitude and Wisdom to be happy! And simply let's understand that It tries of Agreeing and Flow.


Been grateful by what already you have while you chase your aims, if you are not grateful for what already you have, that makes you think that serious happy with mas.
Roy T. Bennett

The intention of sharing the present text, has been perfect to consideration of since the correct words in his suitable moment they can and have the aptitude to reincorporate anyone who in particular situations is in uncertainty, beside referring and give him merit to my own experiences and be witnesses from others to my environment, which allows me to endorse the reflection that with transparency and simplicity wanted was caught and putting in practice.

Resiliencia, interesting the results that can be obtained from the comprehension and the strengthening of this Virtue. Put the obstacle to your service, you the table on the wave. To be crafty on having decoded what with every movement that we do we will expose our requests and stays wisely and with naturalness to hope that the Universe does his work.

To be prepared for the ascent, to strengthen the confidence, to enjoy our decisions and what these will generate is an accurate key to our disposition. To believe in you, to convert this sensation into your more effective, forceful, healthy and precise weapon to the moment to seek and consolidate with solides the prosperity in the bases and structure of your per beginning Aims, formalizing intentions, determining benefits in the personal thing (what we want to achieve and to do part of day after day always pleasant behaviors), and not less importantly what we want to give, to reflect and to share what one would come turning of this form in Results, the inhaled and wished in our Vital Project.

Other one and for my most important investment of time it would be her of being employed at the Self-consciousness, at this evaluation of your skills and deficiencies as person, to manage to give you the value that so well-deserved you have, to value the excellence of your virtues and to want to unravel them without any time to feel dread and to be restricted of showing them to the world, as of equal way to show the warmth, humility and nobility of your attitude to the moment to admit mistakes and to accept critiques without feeling retiring or that invades our plan the desmotivación, remembers that simply we are in a constant growth, acquiring knowledge and understanding lessons to renew and to structure with more harmony the planning to achieve the grace to correspond with fullness of having life and occupying with satisfaction our place in the stay for this valued gift.


The following step from the above mentioned evaluation, will be to be kept loaded constant of this you vibrate different, subearthly of exuberant optimism, enthusiasm and not to stop in the practice of re-releasing illusions and approaches. To feel capable, flooded of safety and to have the conviction of which we are wise to understand that of the same way with which they take advantage of opportunities and opened doors, in the same way it is within reach of each of us of taking the decision and To create I, to become convinced of that our beginning and the only values exceeded by every person to his way especially we mention only some few of them as the Love, the Humility, the Commitment and Respect. Which us will allow and be great more than sufficient to create the opportunity and to open the putting that with discipline and longing we focus.

"Dream, Visualize and Act"

I repeat it will not be worth a sorrow renouncing and doubting, they are alone thoughts that are not had because to sustain since only they will come to create theirs barriers and dreads that we themselves will decide if we allow to give him space to this hurt. Let's take up office emotionally and attitude the exigencias that they will bring I obtain the abundances of the future of your Projects, Give him freedom to these desires of knowing what really you are and want, to what it was shaping your world and the persons who in will be. Those who will deserve without any type of abstention the most sincere appreciation for his participation in every fortuitous and special experience in his contributions to our Live.


The really relevant thing of what with the quality of your thoughts you canalize, drives you to adopt habits of evolution and renovation to manage to be with firmness assertive in every aim. The search of the correct thing will not give him place to judgments and critiques to third parties, will be on the contrary, they will turn into instants into personal questions, which more that well it will convince us that we are the only makers of our destination, OUR OWN LIGHT, it will be turned into the only compass to which with closed eyes we will continue and will give him the confidence to materialize.

Doing an analysis of the exposed thing, in personal my point of perception will be finished and reduced to this felling but I believe very concise phrase:

"Time does not change you, time reveals you"

The experiences, to decipher his educations me clarifies that any situation me contributes the necessary tools to obtain not even before later the well-being that in the moment I have to need.

Every Day I dream more, Want more And Believe more!


Great inspiration in the previous lines and for the conclusion I meet that I do not obtain the indicated ones to make them to know the sensible taste that I end up by perceiving for the power to share these ideas in a simple Post and to allow me to do it for so agreeable and cordial communities that form a part of resaltante platform.

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