Evil boy

3년 전

#ZEF #SouthAfrica #DaNiceTimeKid #Ninji #EvilBoy

Mamelapa umnqunduwakho! (listen here, you fucking asshole)
Andifuni ukuyaehlatini! (i don't want to go to the bush with you)
Sukubammba incanca yam! (don't touch my penis)
Andi so stabani! (i'm not a gay)
Incanca yam yeyamantobi! (this penis is for the girls)
Incanca yam iclean! (my penis is clean)
Incanca yam inamandla! (my penis is strong)
Ndiyinkwekwe enkulu! (i am a big boy)
Angi funi ukuba yeendota! (don't want to be a man)
Evil boy 4 life! yebo! (yes)
Evil boy 4 life!

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Happy to see you two here. I'm an Evil Boy for life


#EvilBoyForLife @mightyjoenolan This isn't Die Antwoord. YET. But, we are hoping to find them and hand this account over to them. You could help out by upvoting this and resteeming. Funds made will be used to promote this page until they notice and contact me. Thank you!