Life: In Case You Need This Today

3년 전
  • you are not a failure
  • you are not a waste of space
  • you are loved
  • you are wanted
  • I believe in you

Having started with the above points, here are some beautiful quotes for my fellow Steemians to remember in case you forgot them already.

worry less about what others are doing and focus on you and your own progress.

you're okay if you're not okay, okay? :)

We are all under Construction and that is ok, remember that no one will ever be perfect.

Better to go slowly than not go at all, keep it slow and steady.

People will judge you regardless of what you do. Don’t look to them for validation, simply accept all that you are.

resting doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it means you are smart enough to take a break when you need one.


Nobody that has ever lived has been you.
Nobody that is alive is you.
Nobody that has yet to be born will ever be you.
You are unique and that is your power.

@digdaga wish you a good weekend!

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People judge you all the time. Better not to worry about what they think of you.
I like your post. Beautiful quotes!


Indeed they do no matter how good you are, even professionals get judged. Thank you for your feedback.

these are all excerpts of words that are very useful and meaningful to us.
we must always and all will be successful @digdaga.


I agree with you and thanks for this comment and support.


your welcome.
I post, try to see, maybe you are interested.

Very good friend.
I like your post

Thats inspirational ,in this fast moving world today where people gets in complex and depressed with their life,these kind of golden words comes as life savers.everyone need a motivation to work enthusiastically in accordance with their potential.comparing with other makes their hope fall.small tokens of love and appreciations always needed for a human to achieve big.


Sometimes we know them but tend to forget, especially when needed most, thank you!

Failure is one of the processes to live a life. Everyone must have experienced a failure to achieve their goals and ideals and dreams, sometimes what we really need is failure not success, Failing does not mean we are losers, but we can interpret failure is only a delayed victory.

Indeed, when we face a failure, we may find it difficult to accept the failure. sadness and self-blame is not the right thing to weep for the failures we are suffering. bitter indeed but we also have to understand that the feeling of regret will not make our feelings getting better even worse.

In this life, we will never escape the shadows of failure and success. if we succeed means we do not fail, vice versa. do not ever run away because the failures that we must pass and face though it is very difficult to pass.

oa friend, I have a new post, who knows maybe @digdaga interested later


A child will learn how to walk by falling down many times, failure is a normal process that we have grown with and indeed its part of success.

failure to experience, to bounce back, and become someone's success motivation for @digdaga I have a new post please support her


Thank you for support, failure has a process and bouncing back can be described as the rest or final stage of that process.


yes friend, I really agree with your words, and hopefully we can take the meaning of this post greetings from me du indonesia..👍👍👍

Failure today, do not be the cause of your failure in the next battle.

When we give up stopping STEP. when HOPE and DREAM disappear, That's the real failure.

When Fall, do not under. Fall does not mean to lose, Must rise up and try again.
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I believe like your quote above, all need a process, thanks friends who are very meaningful postings for me


Thank you for your wonderful support and hope you are enjoying your weekend


Your are welcome friends, thanks again, hope your day is also fun

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hopefully, I will, I will also prefer not to ask directly for upvotes in my comment section as I always support my followers who are making good contents on this platform.


oo sorry if i'm guilty for you my friend .. and i will not repeat my mistake again friend

Good friend.

Thank for sharing


Thank you!


Yea you are welcome



Thank you, Annabell, you are a gem!

The only way to have an open mind is through knowledge and dedication to accomplish a goal and failure is just one of the test. Thanks for the article.


I totally agree and thank you for this comment!

words that are highly motivated for someone, and I am very touched suksea for @digdaga I have new posts palse help


thank you!

A constant work in progress.
Not who I want to be, but better than I used to be! Thanks for the encouragement!


Appreciate your comment and support! Thanks a lot.

Ah yes, resting. That’s something I find hard to do. Often exhausted but always thinking of all that needs to get done. Thanks for the encouragement!


Welcome and thank you for your support, I understand resting can be a difficult and especially for the most hardworking women out there which are housewives, I truly respect any women from any religion who dedicate her life and youth to be a housewife cause that is how you build a good society.