Tips: 8 Ways to Build Self Confidence

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Hello Lovely Steemians,

Here are 8 simple ways that I found very useful to help boost confidence.

1. Dress in a way that suits your style:

Although there’s more to us than the way we look and dress, it can greatly affect the way we feel. When we think we don’t look good we often feel less confident. That changes how we act and interact with other people. Having said that the best dress you will always wear is confidence itself.


2. Increase your pace of walking:
People who walk quickly appear more confident. They have places to go; they have people to see, and their life is interesting and fast-paced.


3. Good Posture:
Slumped shoulders are a signal of lack of self-confidence. But if you stand up straight, and you look straight ahead up, then you look more powerful and confident, I personally need to practice more on this as I sometimes catch myself with my head down like I am using a phone but I am not.

tumblr_mp2hpzep8w1qm86p7o1_1280 (1).jpg

4. Develop an attitude of gratitude:
Make a mental list of all you’re grateful for – relationships, successes, and things that bring you joy. You’ll be surprised at how many things are going well for you – and that will give a boost to your confidence as well, remember they are approximately 1 Billion people on this planet without electricity and lack of water and basic shelter so don't take anything for granted.


5. Compliment others:
When we get into the habit of complimenting others, we bring out the best both in ourselves and other people – and that leads to respect and increased confidence. as the saying goes He who loves, sees.


6. Speak up in group discussion:
The more you speak up in a group, the less afraid you’ll feel in time – so taking that first step will have a knock-on effect. It will lower your anxiety and increase confidence. I must be honest here as I still need to do more practice on this as it scares the hell out of me to speak loudly or in a big group.


7. Make the effort to exercise:
When we’re out of shape, we tend to feel less confident, less energetic, and proud of ourselves. But when we make the extra effort to invest in an exercise we feel more in control of how we look and how we act – and that creates momentum which affects the rest of life.

8. Focus on others and the task you’re working on:
Ironically, when we focus on ourselves and not the job or other people, we find we start to worry about our weaknesses. However, when we turn our focus outward, efficiency increase, and we feel less self- conscious and more confident. Remember that we are in a third industrial revolution that is focused on networking, socialization, open source, and sharing is the way to go be it here on steemit or real life with your family, friends, and sociaty around you.


Hope you enjoyed the above tips and let me know what you think about them or if you have other tips to share with us in the comment section below.

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All great tips :) I've noticed some of these before.
Great read up


If one of them is new to you, then i consider this post a success :)


@digdaga, super awesome. Can these also be taught to a kid of ten years?

How long before changes can be seen when an adult start putting these tips to work?

i think this should be taught in our school as most kids grow up with low self esteem.

Thanks again for the tips


I will not count on school to teach you real things, luckily you can use the Internet for things like this and definitely both adults or kids could benefit from the above tips.

a very good post my friend .. I like the same post you my friend


Glad you like this post and thanks for stopping by.


yes my friend .. and I am also happy when you visit my blog once a friend yes

These are great tips! Confidence is such a tricky thing sometimes to convey to others. I have found that walking around with a smile portrays confidence and makes you more approachable. I love the tip you shared about dressing in clothing that makes you feel good. I have some clothes in my closet that I call my "power clothes" that I wear when I go out and I feel unstoppable in those clothes so I am sure my confidence shines through. Thanks for sharing your views! ~Ivy~


Many thanks for this valuable comment, I do have some power clothes as well that feels comfy, and just boost my confidence especially when paired with my favorite shoes.


@socent, i couldn't agree more, i never knew about the "killer cloth" until few years ago when i started observing that whenever i put on a particular red shirt, i feel like i am walking in the air.

funny to say, this shirt is one of the least expensive shirts i have.

self confidence is such an aura you wear that speaks for you even before you open your mouth.

I am feeling more...



Need to make that neck straight and loosen up the shoulders :)


Yeah you right!

post anda sungguh indah,senang melihat photographi anda,thank you@digdaga telah berbagi dangan kami,saya akan mengunjungi post anda berikut nya.


I can't understand but thank you anyway for your comment.

Don't know how I missed this - thanks for sharing this post about how to build self confidence @digdaga. A post that a lot of people need to read, as self confidence is something that everyone should have.

Some good points here. Also I love that last image, but can't remember where it is from?


I can't even find the source of it, I have many images on my laptop that I used for various blogs before. Glad you like this post and thanks for stopping by.

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all of them are so valuable and important informations. I would like to apply all but maybe 2 or 3 :) thanks for your post friend @digdaga


Thank you @steemitci for your usual support, Which is your least favorite to try?


you're welcome. dreesing and speaking up groups my favourites. I beleive in they are so effective.


by the way Im in game live stream..a horror game. if you like you can watch it:) @digdaga


Going to check it out now.

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Thanks, i learnt alot!


Welcome and thanks to you for the support.

This is indeed inspiring I think I will act on this lets see how it goes


this has helped me a lot in building my confidence, and hope it does the same for you.

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a very cool post, I am very interested in the style, look.


Many of us are interested in style and look, but keep it simple without much branding so you don't look like a signboard walking the street is the best way to go in my opinion.

8 Ways to Build a Very Cool Confidence, I like your posts


Thank you,


Yes, thanks again please help me

I'll always go with no-5 #complement others.
It kind of tells who we are within.
Nice one.


Try to go with as much as you can, and it will be a big change in your life.

Vrry good friend.

Great tips - I think I would add another one, something like
We are all created equal and no one is any better or any less than yourself. Remembering that we are all equal allows you to be compassionate and kind to yourself and everyone you meet.

Thanks for sharing!


I totally agree with you, we are totally equal in our own way, some are more confident outside, others have more money, some enjoy more health than others, at the end of the day each human is equal if you average all the thing we have from emotions, health, wealth, etc...

great and amazing tips and I have not heard or read any tips like this before. I am very happy with reading the article in this post because this is very important for myself personally. thanks @digdaga

A much needed refresher from your post!

The most important thing in women's clothes is the woman who wears it.


I would change this to the most important thing is a women itself :)

Thanks for the tip bro I have actually learnt more from your post that I really need to Focus on others and the task am working on
Much love boss


I really appreciate that you have learned something new from this and would make more post like this in the future.

Postings that attract friends, it looks very influential on to our day, thank you for sharing his knowledge

hallo @digdaga, I do not agree with your opinion on point no 2, because I think people who walk fast does not necessarily have high confidence but vice versa. people walk fast sometimes he does not want to meet other people or embarrassed to meet other people. For example me, I am a person walking fast. I walk fast because I am embarrassed when I meet with others in because there is a deficiency in me in comparison to others.


Number 2 is really debatable as some say it makes you more confident to walk slow and others are saying it's better to walk fast, I came to the conclusion to be in-between them and neither be fast nor slow.

Good article. I used to have a slight shuness/confidence issue and I remember using some tips very similar to these, especially tips 1, 4, 5, and 6 and they worked well for me.


I am glad you are over it, I am still working on group talk and need to improve it.

I am currently letting myself get too bogged down under thoughts of my own personal growth and I needed to see point number 8... especially because I have a tendency to try to analyze feelings and experiences repeatedly after the point of impact, which holds me back.

I am slowly pivoting my career and while it is currently messy and scary but once I get to knock over my first domino to start the cascade, I know that I will be able to unlock parts of my potential even further. Knowing that we have the power to control our outcomes and how we are perceived is such powerful knowledge, thanks @digdaga for the reminders!

Love this post! I think one you could add to it would be dont be afraid to be different and SHOW IT! So many people these days are trying to obtain status and confidence by materialism and approval. I for one love that I am different and I am not afraid to show it. I lay my head down at night peacefully knowing that I lived my true morals and values.

tips are very good friends, I like your post @digdaga