New stacks

6개월 전

Hi Steemit

The news are getting scarier day by day, markets are down, travel restrictions, crypto is down, even metals are down.

I am now stacking dettol. Lol. Pretty expensive to get now as becoming popular


Also just did some tidy up in order to fit more things


Salt and chocolate too


Cooking oil


Gas for BBq and dishwashing liquid


Just in case there might be a lockdown or people panicking at the supermarket, its better to get prepared ahead of most people

Also grow some fruit trees in your garden if you can. It's even useful during normal time.

Get prepared and be safe

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Wow! You are prepping correctly!!
We still keep things as normal as we could! People are not in panic mode yet!

But I expect that to be a fashion by early April! Hope for the best!

Praying harder!


thank you kaminchan, should be prepared when people are still in normal mode, otherwise would be long queues and pushing each other at the shops



thank you goldcoin


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Bought some Illumina stock (Been interested in biotech recently)

Hope the best for you and your family. ❤️ right now im feeling uncertain but my instincts tell me i should dollar cost average a bit now for both stocks and crypto. im holding my btc positions :)


thank you kevbot, not stocks for me, and crypto has been hammered hard, i'll be conservative and prepping more foods


I feel like im getting fat already.

I've been always ready as a Suburban prepper.
My city hall has always recommended a minimum 3 day supply in the event of a Natural disaster but I always thought that was far too little. We saw hurricane Sandy and Katrina , these took weeks if not months and in some region none at all.


thank you kerrislravenhill, 3 day supply is definitely not enough, maybe 3 weeks or a month would be more realistic. Yes every disaster wouldn't last just 3 days. To be safe i would top up what i already have

Nice planning. Growing a fruit in your garden is an amazing idea. Thanks for your suggestion @djohan


thank you kamchore, yes fruit trees never expire and would be useful even nothing happens

It's better to be safe than sorry...

Es mejor prevenir que lamentar…


thank you sonder-an, yes exactly

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