Cats are cute, funny and terribly expensive

3년 전

Visited yesterday at an exhibition of dogs and cats. I'll tell you about dogs in another post, and this one will be dedicated to cats. So fluffy, sweet ... and so insanely expensive!





I had never even imagined that there are so many breeds of cats. There are even Egyptian cats, and these are not Sphinxes! But the owners show cats tortoiseshell color:



And on top of the cages lay the kittens, which the owners sold. I wanted to buy, but found out that the kitten costs 600 - 700 euros! Alas, I can not afford such a kitten :(




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Fun fact: if a person died in home, the pet cat will start eating the person after some time unlike dogs, who will be so attached to you and will never do so.

@dlina-v-metrah Well done for sticking at it! Followed.

My son really loves cat!

So much information @dlina-v-metrah thanks for sharing.

Очень красивые и интересные кошки. Мне нравятся люди, которые заботятся о наших братьях меньших.

I'm sorry to do this here, but can you help me please? Is for my dogs!