docsmith's instagram Feed : 2019/05/30

3년 전

The fire stick is done and both are on their way to la new home. ✈️

Of course, some DumbDumb forgot to take any serious pics, so all I have is this phone one. 😂

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That is really nice. May be too nice that it should be on display and not get any real use...


Hey @oldman28,
thank you, but hopefully they will see some use - a knife that's not used is not a knife. ;)

Hey, @docsmith.

I think they both turned out great, and even without a major photo shoot. :) I'm also glad to hear that they have a home to go to. Hopefully, they'll get plenty of contented use.


Hey @glenalbrethsen,
thank you - yep I am quite pleased with how they turned out. It was a bit of a struggle to get the "revolver" handle to feel comfortable - but well worth the trouble :)