Success is In What You Love Doing

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Talking about things you love doing, you should think of the things you will keep on doing without getting tired or irritated. The things that makes you happy and overwhelmed. These are one of the main secret to success.

When ever I look at my friends and classmates back in school, so many of us aren't suppose to be in school. We were just there because our parents sent us there to learn, graduate and get a good job.

Personally, I love education but I never liked the school system. Maybe it's because it's my country, I really don't know. I find it so difficult to strive for success when I was in school. I graduated anyway, but it wasn't easy.

My parents wanted me to further my education but I frankly told em I can't cope with school, so I turned down their offer. As at today, I haven't gone far in life if success is to be measured with one's financial statement. But I enjoy what I am currently doing.

I decided to become an entrepreneur and started learning a business I know I love to do. While learning this business, I set aside time for cryptocurrency and forex trading. My journey towards success has been a rough ride, but I know I will get there.

I love handling my own personal business and at the same time trading the cryptocurrency and forex market. This is what gives me joy and I know it is the path to financial freedom. I have read of successful people talking about how they love what they are doing, so I believe I am on the right path.

So friends, if you love what you are doing, success won't be far from you.

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