Popped Balloons

2년 전


Between the recent UN climate report, the crypto & stock market, natural disasters, red tides, increased competition for jobs and resources, the state of global governance, ongoing warfare and a host of other futuristic problems we haven’t even begun to address properly yet... sometimes it feels like the ballon is popped on this lovely little human experiment.

But maybe that just means there’s new balloons we’ll soon inflate.

I hope so.

I’m off to Cannes for MIPCOM next week, so thinking that might help cheer things up for me personally, and help get @hardfork-series to the next stage. But I also feel like cheer is not necessarily what will motivate us to make deep and lasting change.

We need to face our problems and face them directly, or risk losing this earth.

Yours with the Balloons,

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I hope you dispose of those balloons responsibly, for the sake of turtles everywhere.

Yes all the problems of humanity were joined on the same day hehehe but as you say new balloons will be inflated and probably the markets will recover, I mean the crypto market, because the stock market does not look very healthy and maybe it will be a unique opportunity to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Have a good trip. regards

Some people are tacking the problems head on daily, while others choose to remain in willful ignorance. If we cannot find a way to all come together the future may be very bleak for our generations unborn


Agreed. My eldest son turns 18 in 2030 which means he’s going to be coming into adulthood just as our world hits new milestones in terms of temperarture and climate disruption. We need to QUICKLY retrofit carbon vehicles into electric, get off coal, and stop burning everything to make disposable goods we don’t need. The time for change is now. Later will be too late.

Great motivation, my friend and these balloons clearly show that we all have a lot of problems, but I understand them, if you solve problems, we will again inflate our balloons! Thank you @dougkarr

Nice ballons my friend . Really amazing motivation . I like it ..... Thanks for sharing @dougkarr