Beauty All Around: Chasing Winter Water Falls, Buttermilk Falls State Park


With Spectacular Taughannok and Slip Sliding at Falls Creek this makes our third adventure in the series, I hope everyone is enjoying the vicarious living! Can you believe there was a time I took all of this for granted? Shame on me, not anymore :)

2019-02-03 22.37.32-01.jpeg

This sign made me snicker. Also, I wonder if it's something they put up in the fall or if it's year round now, when I was a child we used to slide down that waterfall into the pool below.

2019-02-03 22.24.41-02.jpeg

Me + Icy stairs = recipe for disaster- kept just far enough back not to take a spill and accidentally ignore that sign.

2019-02-03 22.23.25-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.23.46-01.jpeg

Just a little bit of water breaking free, a few more days of warmer weather and this will be roaring- looking forward to the spring shots!

2019-02-03 22.24.06-01.jpeg

Brief Clip to bring you here with me:

2019-02-03 22.24.29-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.25.20-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.26.06-02.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.26.13-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.26.18-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.26.48-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.27.15-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.28.46-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.29.54-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.30.32-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.30.49-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.32.34-02.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.34.18-01.jpeg

If only they had a wood stove, I'd rent it right now :)

2019-02-03 22.35.00-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.35.28-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.21.44-01.jpeg

And again, stay tuned for more of the dreem team chasing winter water falls!

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  ·  작년

I like how they needed to explicitly say that swimming wasn't allowed in the frigid waters haha I'd like to think many people often see that only as a suggestion.


Me too, hilarious!! I suppose it has to with liability, there are crazy kids who do crazy challenges for youtube after all :)

This looks like a beautiful place to be.

You got some interesting shots with all the ice and I liked the video too.


It is, and thank you! :)

Love this pictures. The most thing i am always adfraid to do is to swim when i was a kid


Thank you :) The water can be scary until you get used to it...definitely scary this time of year ;0)

This place looks even incredible than before thanks for sharing amazing pics