Slip Sliding (on my butt), Daring ice Rescue, Sweet Sweet Beer: Chasing Winter Water Falls- Falls Creek


So far on this waterfall chasing adventure I've taken you to Taughannok State Park this next place is a bit more obscure. In fact the only reason we knew about it is many moons ago a group of Howie's friends attending Ithaca College lived across the street in the bachelor party pad to beat all bachelor party pads.

We exited those parties on more than one occasion to get some alone time by the falls...'Night Swimming deserves a quiet night'-REM- oops, sorry, got lost in a romantic skinny dipping memory, probably more appropriate for a warmer post ;-)

2019-02-03 21.48.55-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.49.04-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.49.46-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.50.06-01.jpeg

The ice was insane, should've just sat on my butt and slid down...oh wait, I did...well fell on my butt and slid down:

Wait for me Howie!

2019-02-03 21.50.44-01.jpeg

This looks perfectly safe....

2019-02-03 21.51.03-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.51.17-01.jpeg

And here is about as close we could get-

2019-02-03 21.52.02-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.52.23-01.jpeg

Not this crazy chick, she decided a closer look was worth the possible death by falling through ice: (Okay, I would've done that once upon a time too...or today if Howie wasn't there hee ;)

2019-02-03 21.52.42-01.jpeg

You got this girl...

2019-02-03 21.53.03-01.jpeg


2019-02-03 21.53.19-01.jpeg

Anndd she made it!

2019-02-03 21.54.55-01.jpeg

Look at those falls, at least my camera could get a little closer

2019-02-03 21.52.49-01.jpeg

Just noticing that river are you? And how it's flowing underneath that ice?

2019-02-03 21.55.39-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.56.05-01.jpeg

Being the good Samaritans we are, naturally we waited for her return trip- and instead of climbing down into the gaping broken ice as she did on her way there, she tried to skirt it. I don't have documentation, but her foot went through-- scary moment! Howie and I made a chain from the tree and pulled her to safety- dreem team to the rescue!

2019-02-03 21.56.12-01.jpeg

Beer was definitely in order after that close call!

2019-02-03 22.46.53-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 22.47.21-01.jpeg

I went with the Imperial Pecan Cookie Stout, seemed the perfect way to reward myself at 9% ABV


And it was as delicious as it looks!


Stay tuned for more of the dreem team chasing winter water falls!

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Ooommmmggggoodness girl!! That is an actifit adventure for sure!! Absoulutely loving the pics and wishing I had been there to partake in the awesomeness! 😍😍😍 I'm stoked though that I could injoy it vicariously through you 👍💯😀 You totally rock @dreemit!!

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Hahahaa!! Can you link me something about activit, keep seeing it in tags, have no idea what it is lol!
If you are ever in upstate NY and want to partake in our shenanigans, let me know, I am the tour guide extraordinaire 😜 You rock for making me feel like a rocker!! 😁😎


I can definitely see that you are the tour guide extraordinaire 💯😁 that's quite a temoting offer I may have to take you up on this coming summer or fall 💪💖lets keep rockin'! Hehe

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  ·  작년

How many Booms does the Imperial Stout Cookie deserve??

Good thing you weren't injured or anything, sis. I keep wondering what's that girl's endgame. Was she alone? What if she fell beneath the thin ice when no one's around? Questions abound!


Hmm, I think I'd go with 8.5 booms, it was very tasty :)

I know! What does she think she's invincible? Probably ;)

Awesome beer!! Hehe, everytime I hear your voice in a video I think you sound like a teenager!! :0D


It was awesome, so awesome that I'm drinking another today!

Haha! My voice reflects my inner being! (I really would have attempted that ice if Howie wasn't there to stop me lol!)


Lol, I am exactly the same. I have been stopped in such similar situations!!


Is the good lady the practical one? Us daredevils need a level headed mate haha!!!


She totally is. Stopped me from crossing a frozen river last year despite knowing it was only about three feet deep. I was quite annoyed!! But we do need them level headed ones!!

At first when I saw the first picture, i thought it was an object not until i starred at it to know it was actually a passage way out. This is an interesting adventure and research you had done. Through the pictures you had pasted here means a good Job well done. I bet if i have a spare time, i would have love to go for an adventure like this. Well done!!!


Thank you @femseen, it is definitely worth the time to go on adventures! :)

You always do some epic stuff !!!


Epic, that's me! ;0)

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