Taughannok at the Lake, the Deliciousness that is Viva Taqueria, and a promo for steempeak.com


We took a break from our waterfall chasing and spent some time at the lake instead. It was a gorgeous day, in the fifties which is basically a fifty degree jump from the first post I made of Taughannok Falls.

2019-02-03 23.19.11-02.jpeg

Amazing that just a few short days ago there was a thick blanket of snow that is almost gone now-

2019-02-03 23.18.58-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 23.16.14-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 23.15.54-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 23.15.27-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 23.14.45-01.jpeg

I have to pause and point out this nutty boater- I wish I would have taken pictures of the lake about six miles up so you could see the ice chunks- definitely not a boating time of year in my humble opinion!

2019-02-03 23.14.38-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 23.14.07-01.jpeg

Time to hit the commons for some food

2019-02-03 21.18.49-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.39.24-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.39.40-01.jpeg

It feels like a Mexican kind of day :-)

2019-02-03 21.19.17-01.jpeg

This is essentially the site of hubby and my first unofficial date when I was eighteen...many moons ago

2019-02-03 21.19.49-01.jpeg

My dad was never a fan of Mexican food (I know, blasphemy!) so I never set foot inside a Mexican restaurant growing up (deprived I tell you!)

2019-02-03 21.20.01-01.jpeg

Now I wouldn't say this is the best Mexican I've ever had, but it was an excellent introduction into what became my favorite food

2019-02-03 21.23.55-01.jpeg

and I continue to enjoy it twenty years later :)

2019-02-03 21.25.12-01.jpeg

Which definitely has something to do with the positive energy that radiates from the colorful decor.

2019-02-03 21.35.57-01.jpeg

2019-02-03 21.36.09-01.jpeg

Bathroom pics time! I've never seen a graffiti-d changing table anywhere else

2019-02-03 21.36.29-01.jpeg

or a skinnier door...

2019-02-03 21.37.31-01.jpeg

dreemit sighting! ;)

2019-02-03 21.37.08-01.jpeg

Okay, I wanted to take this opportunity to say I'm really loving the front end of steempeak.com which is where I'll be blogging from now on. The posts look amazing, there's a ton of cool features, and @asgarth and @jarvie are two stellar steemians that deserve our support. They've just started a witness as well so check out this post https://steempeak.com/witness/@steempeak/announcement-the-new-steempeak-witness-new-witness-features
then surf the site and if you feel the way I do, give them a vote! https://steempeak.com/witnesses

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  ·  작년

Every day should be a Mexican kind of day!! Was that the same taqueria you wrote about some time ago? I feel those babies are going to grow up as punks.

Dreemit sighting! Dreemit sighting!


Yup, one and the same, except where the bathroom is is the sitdown restaurant part they call the Cantina. Probably should have mentioned that :)

  ·  작년

Great pics and adventure and thanks for the shout out.

Technically steempeak.com/witnesses is probably a better easier site for voting. Haha


Thanks, and oops, haha, fixed it now, put it at the end too :) I'll get there, just so used to steemit- but I'm not afraid of change ;) lol

The boater likes living on the edge? 🤣 Seems you can get some really nice shots if you can brave the frigidity on lakes 🙃

That Mexican place looks really interesting (if not built to standard with that wtf door 🤣) can’t say I’ve ever seen a tagged to death change table either 😳

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Definitely living on the edge...or a teenager on a joy ride... same thing ;)
LOL, next time I'm there, definitely tagging that door with WTF, would go nicely with the diaper changer!

I have never seen a graffitied changing table either! Looks fab though!


It does, doesn't it? I am generally fascinated with bathrooms...except at gas stations and truck stops eww, I'm appalled by those!


Is today your actual birthday?


Nah, is it fuck. It's Monday, I just like to milk it and make my celebration last the whole weekend :0)


The 11th, I'll remember that now ;) Of course you should milk it, a very merry unbirthday to you!


Hehe, why thank ya lass!!

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Great delicious stuff too along the journey nice to see that :D