Yikes! My six 'Northern Lights #4' seeds got wet!

4년 전

As you may have seen, I have quite a vibrant tiny apartment garden going on here. In my first year here, I'm already juggling:

  • 4 large Pink Kush plants
  • 10 clone experiments in various stages
  • basil, lettuce, tomatoes, sunflowers

To make matters better, I just dampened six more seeds, and POOF they all became tiny seedlings!


I'm shocked, because they were the six smallest from a bunch of NL#4 seeds I got from a friend. I was actually going to discard them... but now I'm having trouble doing so because they're so cute!

Should I...

Find somewhere to grow them and hope I can handle all these plants (and the legal risk that comes with them)?

Destroy them?

Try to find someone nearby who can take them?

#lifewillfindaway #endcannabisprohibition #cannabiscurescancer

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Oh no, that's an illegal reaction!

Send me all your northern lights in the future lol


I can spare a few if you'd like them :)
In your experience, what's the difference between large seeds and small seeds? These 6 were the runts from the packet I got from a friend, and I nearly chucked them, but they sprouted so enthusiastically I had to put them in some dirt. I may be biting off more than I can chew here, we'll see!


Thank You! That would be great. Seed size DOESNT matter. Its the color that shows maturity.


Is it okay if they're feminized?
My hotmail is 'drutter' if you want to tell me your shipping addy :)

Wooohooo, more life! Cannasprouts! :D

I say grow them or grow till couple inchs and find a nice place out side.. more males we grow out side the fast wild weed can grow agian

It would be a travesty to destroy them.... adoption or raising them yourself is my vote.


I agree! I'm going to do what I can :)