The Dustin and Cassie Show!!!! Episode 1

2년 전

Check out the video for the first episode of our new weekly Vlog.

The Dustin and Cassie Show!!

Gotta cut this post short, got more video editing to do for the next episode.

Stay Tuned!!

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Cassie, my son was just diagnosed with T1 diabetes a couple weeks ago. Zach recommended a website to check out, and now we’ve redone our whole diet! It’s working out really well for him. I agree it’s a good idea to have our kids eat healthy with us. Then it will be second nature to them and they won’t know much different.
Before the diagnosis, I wanted to try OMAD to get healthier, but I really struggle with the hunger pangs. I managed to get past breakfast, but that was it. So that’s awesome you had the willpower to make it almost a full 7 days!
Praying that this journey to better health improves all your symptoms and that you’ll be blessed with more children!

We love you two! Many more D&C shows to go! Can't wait!

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Excellent first show! Hopefully the path you are going down will be blessed by Yah!

Also looking forward to seeing what you come up with for an intro!