Is there a place for us now?

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Is there a place for us now?

“Investors look to have locked in profits on their long VIX calls (premised on a rise in the VIX).

This rollback of downside hedges may have indirectly supported the US equity rebound,” wrote the Nomura quantitative strategist. “As a result, US equity exposure at hedge funds overall has turned upward again.”

Today, we will see if room has been made for new investments and new pathways to enter into the market stronger than before.

Remember, this is what "repositioning" is all about.

Can anything happen still in the market down the road that doesn't look good? Of course, it is par for the course.

These things are always going to be part of a growing and adjusting market.

This is why getting involved in a team of advisors is important to participate in with the knowledge you have gained these last few years.

There are many types and prices on Wealth Managers that will be available to us after our exchange. I have used them in the past. And, I will in the future.

It is important to be able to talk with them intelligently, but I will use a Tax Lawyer at the end of the year to double check a few things.

These two views on your money including yours will help you define and outline goals that match expectations on your end and theirs.

It is a partnership. Education will be important, so you don't fall for just anything put in front of you by someone you perceive to know more than yourself.

I have turned down many suggestions over the years. These Wealth Managers are here to help, but some can be assertive. It's your money.

Just make sure you are aware of that and those who work for you. If you choose to go the Trust Fund route, that's ok too. Do what makes you happy and feel safe.

A little of both doesn't hurt. IMO. Some of you have enough to go all in on a trust fund that will allow you enough at the end of the month to invest from it.

That's your choice. Back to the markets. Is there enough room made now for new ideas and projects to be placed in it? It is larger for the moment.

The truth is that there will always be room for new ideas and projects, and they will find their place in a world of others whose capacity to outpace yours could effect what your projects are capable of at any given day or year.

The object is to find an environoment suitable for growth in what you have invested in with your money and your life.

Some decisions will win and some will lose. You can always write off losses and some investors can really get skilled at either direction taken.

Just enjoy yourself. Stay focused. Have faith in your dreams and remember, there is always a place for ideas whose time has come to enter into the global economy.

When you fuel it with a dream whose roots reach into eternity. Success or failure doesn't really matter.

Your worth is not based on what shows up on a bank statement. Your worth is and always will be assessed from much higher standards than the results you see in a bank account.

What is written in your heart counts the most to your Creator. It is the size of a heart willing to put their life on the line to give everything in him or her to benefit those around them who will find the true meaning of abundance in the years to come.

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