Watch for more and more sanctions to be lifted in the markets now.

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Watch for more and more sanctions to be lifted in the markets now.

Bottom line: Sanctions creates inflation and collapses the dollar. Why? Other countries find ways around them and simply excludes the use of the dollar.

This creates liquidity issues. Volumes in trades slow down. Recession to Depression to Collapse to Crash begin to form patterns forcing the need for a Reset on how things are traded. In other words, sanctions create an even more value loss of the dollar. International acceptance becomes an issue when sanctions are imposed.

Tariffs are a form of sanctions. They destroy the dollar. The two largest economic powers on earth are at war with one another, or are they fighting a war against the dollar in an attempt to allow room for new market trading platforms to find new expressions under the Gold Standard?

The Gold Standard forces trade relations and banking laws internationally to change. If they have to implement it, a Gold Back set of currencies will seal the deal.

At that point, we have a new market and everything comes alive.

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