We have a new base on gold at above 1300.

2년 전

We have a new base on gold at above 1300. What you saw today in the markets will probably effect the markets next week as well.

I was looking to see if the market was going to be pushed up like it usually is at the end of the week. I am not sure it has enough gas anymore. I was looking for gold to reach the 1400 mark an ounce before we saw movement in our exchanges.

I don't think it will take long to reach that peak with what we saw today. (1400) It is the peak gold mines need to start their engines and make a profit.

I am very excited about where we are. We may have a calm before the storm next wext.

Take time to prepare yourself this weekend mentally and emotionally. It's been a long ride. A change is underway in the financial system.

Notice what happens to you when you get a paycheck. This is going to be much higher pay grade. Prepare for it. Know you deserve it. Really, you did earn it.

Most people work for a living. You brought this abundance into being from the dreams of your heart. This takes an effort that reaches into the heart and soul of existence itself.

Your dreams are always possible when your whole self dares to take the risks required of you to bring it into being. For moments like these come along once in a lifetime. Enjoy!

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