Lots of sand and nothing around - Wednesdaywalk

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There is nothing more pleasurable to me than barefoot walking along seaside dunes...
You'll not be disappointed, look at everything😉


In the morning the dunes look the most spectacular.

The sand is smooth, untouched, perhaps by a leaf of grass, or by the feet of a bird.


su žolyte.jpg

su žolyte1.jpg
...or to go slowly through warm and soft sand...

į kalnelį.jpg

nuo kopos.jpg


Baltic coastline. Lithuania. August.

This is my entry for #wednesdaywalk initiated by @tattoodjay.

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You know i love this walk of yours such a beautiful beach and cool patterns inthe sand and dunes


Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


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Nice pictures. I have had some fun times walking in the sand, and up/down sand dunes.