What beautiful thing about life do you love?

3년 전

So for some days now, I basically have been thinking about life in general. So during one of my thoughts a question popped in my head, and the question was

"What beautiful thing about life do you love?"

For me I'll say family and friends. They are the beautiful gifts given in this life. They have helped in adding meaning to life with their love, reprove, scolding, fun, joy, happiness, good heart, and so on. So let me hear yours in the comment section.


Don't forget to upvote and possibly resteem before commenting. Looking forward to your amazing answers.

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That is such a great movie

I could answer that question easily and say that my favorite thing is food. I mean, I dont remember many times in my life where I didnt have a good time or a bad one without being accompanied by food. It unites us as people, it helps us to make new friends, it helps us in reconciliations and others. It's perfect


Hahaha food indeed is nice. Thanks for commenting

I love a lot of things. I love my art the most. That makes me happy. And happiness brings health and prosperity. 😊


That's great, thanks for sharing.

The beautiful things in my life include kind and nice people who always offer help to me. I am really cherish them. They are just wonderful:) Other than that will be food :D I love to enjoy eating delicious food!


Thanks for sharing.