Bad dad or ... ?

5년 전

So, I had my daughter over for a visit the other night .. she is 14 and does a lot of art online mostly on her tablet and laptop, in on app.. she has like 2000 followers.

I am trying to convince her to be a Steemian!

So, I pulled her away from her devices and began to teach her the basics about the following things:

  1. Basic supply and demand economic theory
  2. What is central banking and its effects on fiat money policy?
  3. What is crypto-currency?
  4. What is blockchain technology?
  5. What are property rights?

I didn't want to overwhelm her with too much information at once. So, I let her go back to what she was doing. A few minutes later she laughingly showed my this on her laptop: 41_1502385224292.jpeg(this was taken from the web and not by me)

So I tossed the lass my pocketknife and told her to have a nice day at school! (she is currently on summer holiday mind you).... we both had a good laugh and a wonderful visitation overall.

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