Be Wrong...


"To loose sight of failure, you must be unashamed to be wrong. You must never settle and never see the need to be less than what you are meant to be. Many fear to make a move because they feel they should not be wrong as that will mean they have done the wrong thing."


The life that we are thrust into is not without its wrong sides and for as long as we breath, there will be fails, wins, tears, trials, tribulations, fear and overcoming.


You must not be afraid to be wrong for then, you will know what you are doing wrong, what you have done wrong and how to not do wrong when you should be doing right.

To be wrong is not the end of the world and being wrong when you have tried your hands at a task means, you identified a goal and moved towards getting it done.

Do not fear to be wrong. Whenever you are wrong, just remember that, you have the best chance to be right.

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