Free Assange

3년 전

in the ashes of our mistakes –
shredded bits of paper -
like confetti at a funeral -
someone has to burn.

between the lines lie criss cross lies -
do you ask the light if it's good?
A murdered messenger
sent us a message -
how easily tho -
it got lost in the din - –
coz didn't he sin?

Yeah, he's an arrogant ass -
giving fascists a pass - ---
A hostage of Holy Rome -
a rattler of thrones.
Either way -
His fate, we do own.
Either way -
this leaking truth, we do own.

If you feel like you're drowning – wake up.

The arguments shallow, the precedent deep -
and the road to perdition is steep -
and slick.
Do you follow their lead?

The leaks can't be dammed -
but the man -
so easily damned.

Coz secrets can't be kept -
but lies have shelf lives far too long.
Here is the empire's swan song -
a failing and flailing hegemony -
a Machiavellian tragedy -
a grotesque dark comedy -
an idiocracy, we -
are the players – and the played.
Must this show go on?

I don't know this man -
but I don't want his blood on my hands.
As a child of empire -
I'm already soaked.

Then buy me a beer and we'll talk about sin -
but here, now – I'm tearing down gallows
coz the ashes of our mistakes –
are choking out the light.

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I loved that line "a rattler of thrones" - may we all aspire to this. Good poem.